Friday, April 18, 2008

Babies Update - 18 Week Ultrasound

On Tuesday we went in for our "big" ultrasound - measurements to make sure they are looking healthy. I love ultrasounds so I can see the kiddies since I don't feel them very often and can't tell which one is moving around when I do. Of course I read some article that said ultrasounds might be an autism factor (now they are at a much stronger frequency and done more frequently than historically) but at this point the reassurance outweighs the million reasons why either of the kids could develop autism. A few weeks ago I was "that woman" who made the OB practice check for both A and B's heartbeats since I was convinced something had happened to A. They were very nice about it and it took 10 mins.

Prior to the ultrasound I planned to have some coffee and eat so they would hopefully be awake and alert. The OB practice I go to has a great set up where you can lie down, with your husband next to you and you both have a clear view of the screen. Baby A was up first and there was some squirming, hands in the face, and boom - hello, little boy! I mean it was OBVIOUS and usually I just have to pretend I see what the technician does (sure, those are his kidneys). Husband was disappointed not to get a copy of the "money" shot in all the pictures they printed for us.

B was up next and unfortunately for B it is never as climactic for the second one after you've been poked and prodded and oohed and ahhed over A already. It wears you out. B was a little jumping bean - probably because B is on top and not squished like A. And the verdict for sex of B is...probably a girl. Little "Miss" squirmy never got into a good position and later the umbilical cord was pooled in that area. I told Husband weeks ago that if the doctor couldn't tell for sure we were going to assume it was a girl. We can look again in 6 more weeks when I have a growth check ultrasound. For the record I thought they might be two girls but that A was definitely a girl. Husband picked the opposite (to be contrary) but he ended up being correct so this will just make him insufferable. It does not mean he gets an extra vote in the names. Speaking of, any good name suggestions? Post them in "comments".

Both are healthy - we saw 4 heart chamers and 2 hemisphere's of the brain. The technician kept say things were "beautiful" in a lovely Eastern European accent. I liked how excited both the technician and then the doctor (who pushed on that wand MUCH harder then the tech did) were even though I'm sure it gets repetitive after a while. The babies were facing each other (A up and B down) which was cute to think they are talking to each other. We all know I was probably talking to my sisters in the womb and I was the one on top so I got the most movement. It is hard to imagine how small they are inside me since they looked so big on the screen. Since I have been eating about 6 meals a day this week I'm sure it won't be long until they are big enough for me to feel them.

Once we get back to Boston from our weekend in Ohio Husband will help me upload some photos and I'll try to add captions so you know which baby is which.

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Anonymous said...

Lenny and Penny? J/K... I vote for longish, more classic names (the kind I can never give my own kids since our last name is too long). How about Theodore (Teddy or Theo are good nn's, I think!) and Isabelle (Izzy, Belle/Bella)??