Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elastic Waists

I was able to put off buying and wearing maternity clothes for a long time - relatively speaking, about 18 weeks. I had plenty of room for the tykes to grow to begin with (nice euphemism) so I didn't abandon most of my regular clothes until last week. I didn't mind showing the growing bump on the weekend but I worried about it being obvious at work. I'm sure many people have been thinking - "Is she getting fatter or is she pregnant?" While everyone has been supportive I don't like the fact the first thing someone notices when I come into the room is my stomach.

I went to Baby Style and didn't like the fit of any of their clothes (Italian male designers have NO IDEA what a shirt should look like on a pregnant lady), Mimi Maternity was a bit low end and Old Navy had nothing. A few weeks ago I actually had a break down in the ugly dressing room in Mimi Maternity. I put on a few outfits and was like "Oh, my god - I look really pregnant!" I called Husband (from the dressing room) and told him I wasn't ready to wear "these clothes" yet - especially to work. He told me (per usual) that I was being ridiculous so I bought an outfit and tried it on at home. Man, was he shocked how pregnant I looked. I couldn't bear to wear just a larger size (since I was a big enough size to begin with) so I toughed it out for a while (Bella bands are not the answer) and gave in last week.

The best option for me has been Ann Taylor Loft Maternity - good work stuff, decent quality and not that expensive. I bought one suit that is a little fuggly but I have a client meeting in a few weeks so I need one. How much is too much to spend total on these clothes? I can justify myself to some extent because I would have bought some new outfits for spring/summer and I can pass these on to one or both of my sisters but we have so much to buy for the kiddos that I feel guilty spending any on myself for such a short period of time. Never mind the casual wear (including bathing suit!) that I need for our family trip to Florida in 2 weeks. I'm ordering that type of clothes from Old Navy. Online only is my game - no need to waste time driving to a mall and returns are pretty easy.

There truly is nothing more comfortable than elastic waist pants. It is the maternity underwear that I fear will be needed in the not too distant future.


Anonymous said...

Just don't get too comfy! A college friend of mine didn't want to give up the big over-the-belly panties!!

I'm anxious to see you in your new officially pregnant clothes!

T. said...

You're funny! That's great to know about AT Loft (for future reference, obviously). Do all of their stores carry maternity, or is it only online?

Any luck with Gap Maternity? The Gap Outlet in Watertown has lots of maternity clothes for CHEAP.

I love the Baby Style stuff (at least, the style of it - clearly I haven't actually worn any), but it is definitely pricey for clothes that will only be worn for a little while.

T. said...

Well duh, I just answered my own question by clicking on your handy little links! :-)

Anonymous said...

I, myself, am not looking forward to buying 3 weeks of trial clothes for when I'll be 7 months preggos at trial.
Ya think maternity suits can be taken in to look normal after the fact? Maybe the jacket, but surely not that pants, right?

Liz Jimenez said...

I was lucky, because we were in super-casual summer mode for most of my pregnancy. A few pairs of pants and skirts bought on sale at the Gap got me through when students were still around, and then, once graduation hit... I wore the same Old Navy t-shirt in about 15 different colors, all summer long. :-)