Friday, April 25, 2008

Organizational Wishful Thinking

On Wednesday and Friday I worked until 11:00 pm. To give you some perspective Husband and I usually commute into Boston together and are at our respective jobs by 8 am. Not too long ago I was used to the 14 hour days although I found it more taxing as my level of responsibility in each deal increased (drafting/commenting on contracts is harder than organizing signatures pages late at night). But I've been in a lull for about 6 weeks and it is hard to get back into the saddle. It is like I was given a taste of "normal people" life and I don't want to give it back. I wish I could say I used my time productively when I was getting home before 7 pm each night but there was TV to watch and I could justify "lazy" for a while after having worked hard the prior couple of months. Somehow I didn't manage to finish that baby registry, paint the sun porch, organize my photos, work out, keep my house neat - well, the list goes on.

And then I think - oh, my god, I can't even do that stuff now when I'm not busy - how will I handle this when work is crazy and I have 2 babies at home? Will it basically mean my husband and I will live in a messy house with dirty clothes on the floor (you don't want to see our bedroom right now), unfolded laundry, Husband's desk disappearing under a pile of junk mail and paper and dishes in the sink and counters? Am I missing the "neat" gene (I know Husband is)? Will my children have frequent visits to the doctors for odd stuff they found and tried to eat because Mommy, Esq. was too busy working to pick up? Husband is no help - in our last rental the cleaning person didn't clean his office for 3 years because there was no visible floor space. And our yard is the embarrassment of the neighborhood.

When I complain to work friends they all say - well, why don't you hire someone? We do have someone come and clean every other week. My dream was to have an illegal alien clean and even cook for us but somehow I'm not even organized enough to make that happen. Husband doesn't want to do those "make and take" places for dinner (and I don't cook - even if there are prep stations). Our lawn is about 6,000 square feet so you think we could handle the maintenance ourselves. Despite my current salary we try to be careful about getting used to spending money - but sometimes I really want to just find someone to organize me and my stuff. I'm tired of "hiding" crap when we know guests are headed over. Any suggestions on how to get Husband to throw things away? I have a great deal of resistance to being organized because I refuse to be the only one doing all the work. And it is much more fun to go to dinner and watch Netflix then spend time picking up. How do I get out of this mindset and force myself to "do stuff" around the house when I get home from work instead of falling asleep on the couch to Antiques Roadshow? Maybe the "nesting" thing that is supposed to kick in will come in handy. But I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I want to encourage my "Hubby" to do something he doesn't want to do, I do something that he wants me to do in return so everyone is happy! I think it's part of being a good wife.

Stacey said...

Someone isn't being too PC with the illegal aliens comment. I believe they prefer non-residents :-) I am not missing the picking up gene but I do hate cleaning. At least you have someone to come in once a week! You might want to think about a housekeeper - even if it's 20 hours a week to do dry cleaning, grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing and even cooking some meals!

What A Card said...

Once you have the twins, you probably will become more organized in some ways (and terribly less organized in others). But, the good thing is that you probably won't care that much, at least for a little while, about your level of organization :)

And I try to take comfort in the fact that there is a theory that keeping things too clean can lead to increased allergies in kids. I'm not messy, I'm trying to keep my kids from developing allergies!

It was good to meet you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Mommy, Esq., I know how you work, and you're living proof of the adage "if you need something done, give it to a busy person." Once the twins arrive, you'll certainly be busy, so I'm sure you'll get the things done that need to be done.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot -- for someone who supposedly can't get her act together, you seem to be pretty good at making plans for lunch and/or dinner with friends!