Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby Nurse vs. Offshoring

Husband here...

Just to give everyone some perspective on the baby nurse: 6 weeks is way, way less than I really wanted.

My original plan was to outsource/offshore the entire child-rearing operation. Find a family in India that would be willing to raise our kid alongside theirs until he's ready for college, in return for reasonable expenses plus fees. We would save money, avoid the hassle of raising the kid, and possibly have superior results--at the very least, the kid would gain some valuable language skills, and hopefully wind up with a better cultural outlook than if he were raised in the US.

Twins raised lots of interesting new options: we could actually run an A/B test to see how offshoring worked relative to raising at home, or we could test one offshoring provider against another (India vs. Ukraine, Philippines, or Costa Rica, e.g.).

I might be no Frank Gilbreth when it comes to applying management principles to family life, but surely I could at least get one book/movie deal out of this.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Of course Husband is kidding...but it is interesting when I read WSJ Juggle comments how vitriolic people can be when moms try to work and raise a family. At least one poster always asks - "why did you have them". I'm the first to admit having children is selfish - it is up to us not to screw them up (and teach them how to be good human beings) and most parents worry about that all the time but also get caught up in the day to day struggle.

Husband said...

I am NOT kidding.

H said...

The Gilbreths! Love the "Cheaper by the Dozen" reference, I was obsessed with that book, and the original movie from the 50's!

Okay, you wore me down. I'll quit my job and do it for half the price of the other chick. I'll just have to health insurance as Natalie's domestic parter.