Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Night Owls

I think A and B will be night owls. Both are awake right now and they were awake at 9 pm last night too. They must get that from Husband because I am a morning person. Husband's mom told me he cried all the time and didn't sleep at all. She never said when he grew out of it. :) My sisters and I were excellent nappers. I still am.

Since I work late it would be good if the kids were awake so I could see them but since they need 12 hours of sleep as they grow it may wreak havoc on their possible school schedule. Of course this is many (many) months down the road but I've been polling women in my office about how they manage to spend time with their kids. Some set aside morning time (which I am hoping to do) and others make it home for dinner/bath/bed and log back on to work emails/documents after. The problem is you can't really say no if a client expects something to be done at night so it is chancy whether you make it home to see them at all. If any of my readers have kids and could offer some thoughts on how to spend time with them amidst a crazy work schedule I'd appreciate the input even though I'm sure nothing will go as planned.

Also, in response to dear Husband's post below - I have many practical reasons for wanting a minivan although I never thought I would want one. Our house has a small driveway with a retaining wall on each side and getting the carriers and other baby stuff in and out would be easier with sliding doors. Husband will learn to love it. It was funny because we have been discussing this topic for a few weeks and one of my favorite Mom of Multiples sites blogged about it recently. We are going car preview shopping this weekend and will update our respective views on car choices.


Liz Jimenez said...

Most babies are pretty active in the evening when in utero, precisely because you (their "vehicle") is much quieter. Connected to the whole motion lulling them to sleep when they're newborns.

I don't have anything useful to say with regard to lawyer schedules and spending time with kids. But with regard to sleep habits, I STRONGLY recommend Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, by Marc Weissbluth. It's a must-have. If nothing else, skip to the chapters that are grouped by age, because it gives you a good idea of how babies "should" be sleeping at different ages. So for everyone who thinks their kids have their mornings and nights "mixed up" when they're 4 weeks old: that's normal! :-)

P.S. You're in my MOT club, yes? Coming to COPE & Cocktails at my house on Tuesday? You should!! :-)

What A Card said...

Oh my gosh, I loathed Healthy Sleep Habits! In fact, that's the one parenting book I found entirely guilt-inducing, with implications throughout the book that if you don't control your children's sleep they'll probably become serial killers. Okay, it wasn't quite that bad, but I just couldn't handle that book. Probably because I have one twin who is a terrible sleeper despite all the things I've tried to "correct" his inability to sleep according to my expectations. Hey, my other boy is a perfect textbook sleeper. I figure I average out to have done an okay job with sleep.

I'm a Happiest Baby on the Block fan (by Dr. Harvey Karp). His 5 S's are really helpful...I felt like I had some really useful techniques to help calm babies. It actually worked for me and both my boys.

Ask 10 parents for parenting advice and you'll get 10 different answers. But here's the good news: you'll find what works for you and your twins despite the advice you get ;)

Oh, and about the night owls, I hate to break it to you, but my boys were surprisingly similar once they were born to how they were in-utero. My Baby B was the one up all night kicking every night, and he's the one who has continued to enjoy the nightlife.

Anonymous said...

Funny- I loved BOTH Healthy Sleep, Happy Child and Happiest Baby. It was clear that Fiona read and memorized them both in utero. I was delighted with her study habits since it made it easy for me to predict her sleep. Also, I love schedules, routines, and order, so having a nap/sleep/wake schedule is crucial. I also like EASY- not sure where it came from- a loose schedule for newborns. Eat, activity, sleep, you. You means you get to go to the bathroom or choke down a sandwich or fling in the laundry before they wake again. Not go get a pedicure or a massage which is really what "you" time should be.