Sunday, May 25, 2008

Photos from Disney Vacation

A few weeks ago we went to Disney with the Esq clan. It was planned almost a year ago and although I strenuously objected to Disney (hoping we'd either have a baby or that I would be pregnant) it was easiest to arrange so off we went. Needless to say it was not restful (what vacation?) but we did enjoy seeing the whole family and so I ended up having a better time than I thought I would. My mom said something about going back in 5 years (since they have timeshares) but I pointed to my belly and said "Mom, this was my kids' trip to Disney". Below are some photos in case you are interested.

Entire Esq clan except Mimi and Papa (my grandparents):

Mommy, Esq with Husband - he always looks a little drunk in photos even when he isn't. He is wearing a Guayabera shirt in this photo (he loves looking like a 60 year old man from Miami). We are at Roy's, one of our favorite restaurant chains that originated in Hawaii (there still aren't many on the mainland):

Mommy, Esq with her two sisters. I swear I only wore that Baby (why don't they make it in plural?) shirt 2x the whole trip but it happened to be when we took the most photos. I know I look a LOT like my sister Stacey and that is because all three of us are TRIPLETS! We think we are fraternal (Allie definitely is thanks to her pretty blue eyes) but we've never been tested. We are going to keep it that way and assume we are fraternal. After all - who doesn't want their own identity? That is also funny because when we were looking at strollers the woman asked me why I wanted a side-by-side and I said "to be fair" so they can both see. Apparently most moms worry about "turning and maneuverability".

Mimi and Papa on their Rascals - I totally wanted to use one after the 12 hour day at Epcot. There must be a million photos of me sitting down. I needed to sit down a lot. Also in the picture is my brother Andrew and his girlfriend Libby.

Cute photos of Finn, my sister Allie's son. I would say at least 60% of the photos taken during the vacation involved him. My dad put together a DVD of everyone's photos so I was able to pick and choose good ones. He is so cute. Quite a few of the photos show him with Bumpa (my dad). Bumpa is the BEST grandpa name - he can't say Grammy (or even my name) but man, every time he sees my dad it's "Bumpa!". There is one of him playing in the fountain they have at the pool where we stayed (the Marriott Grand Vista timeshares). And one of him in a really cute Hawaiian shirt I got him at the BEST restaurant we went to the entire trip on our last night - no longer called Gol but really nice and upscale (but only $45 a person) with so much yummy food. I highly recommend it.

Mommy, Esq - working on vacation. Did you expect any less? Don't worry - only a few hours. I was too exhausted from Disney every day to do more than delete junkie emails and respond to important messages.


Liz Jimenez said...

Fun! And I'm very impressed you went while pregnant. I got married there (it's a long story), so have been there relatively recently. I was exahausted, and it was YEARS before I was pregnant! Geez, when I was preggo with the twins, I stopped going to the grocery store at about 20 weeks. It's possible I'm a wimp... Maybe cautious is a nicer term, but whatever. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great trip. Cute photos- can't believe how big Finn has gotten. Also can't believe how big your boobs have gotten, LOL! (I'm just jealous.)