Saturday, May 24, 2008


I rushed over to the Practice on Friday afternoon. We had planned an afternoon one hoping that afterward we could go home and start our long weekend early. I was late (somehow my warning about only having 5 mins fell on partner's deaf ears), had a client panicking over a closing early next week and realized my blackberry was just about dead. Oh, well. Once I got there it was fine although crowded. The ultrasound tech turned out to be a doctor doing a fellowship in maternal medicine (what my doctor specializes in). He was hard to hear, didn't give us any pictures (sorry!) and wasn't nearly as fun and excited for us as the last technician we had. Honestly Husband and I were so exhausted after a brutal work of week we were okay with his quiet manner. What did annoy me was the short hand conversations he had with the attending doctor - um, right here, dude! Talk to me and Husband and explain if there are issues. It was like prying open Pandora's Box to get info out of him. Also for some reason neither Husband nor I could figure out what we were "looking at" the whole time. Maybe because they are bigger so you don't get an "overall" picture any more?

Baby B is definitely a girl so glad the tag sale items I've bought will be useful (otherwise I have a friend who would have benefited). Baby A's placenta is in the front which is why I probably don't feel him very often. Unfortunately Baby A is VERY close to my cervix (kind of freaky when they did the vaginal ultrasound to see his head - let's just say I think Husband was particularly freaked out by that!). It means another ultrasound in the third trimester but I was going to have one anyway since I'm carrying twins. I'm still not sure I completely understand what a cervix is or what it looks like -but that is what my healthcare providers are for.

The Fellow mumbled something about grams (like I can do math to begin with - I'm a lawyer) and finally conceded that each were about 1 lb. When I think about the tens of lbs I've put on to get them to 1lb each it is frightening.

Later last night there was a NEW DEVELOPMENT. At the bewitching hour of 9 pm I was feeling a lot of activity - even a little from Baby A who I never feel. For some reason they are always way more active after I see the doctor - and this doctor was very gentle with the ultrasound probe (wand?). So I was holding on to my tummy and I FELT BABY B KICK. Seriously - it could feel it on my palm instead of just on the inside. Of course all excited I asked Husband to put his hand on my tummy but he got all impatient. So I lay against him and insisted he practice some patience and just leave his hand there. Eventually without my saying "do you feel it" he felt her once (or at least he says he thinks he did and it totally coincided with me feeling her). Very cool. But also very distracting - I couldn't follow the TV show we were watching. In case you are interested - Dr. Who and he needs to save London/The World again from an alien race.

Does it get less distracting once the novelty wears off? I was wondering how I'm going to concentrate on work with all her little kicks. And man, she is a kicker - I'm a little frightened what it will feel like when she is bigger. Apparently Husband was one as a fetus too - people could see MIL's shirt moving up and down with his kicks. It did not result in any athletic development.

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Anonymous said...

The kicks stay distracting, at least they did for me! It was apparently also distracting for other people, who used to stop midsentence to stare when there was some major intrauterine olympics going on.

Don't you just love the DildoCam? Bummer that you didn't get any pictures. But I am glad to hear the babes are healthy and doing well. :-)