Friday, May 23, 2008

Waiting Room

Despite the ridiculous hours I've been working this week, I had to make sure I dried and styled my hair and put on some mascara and consider the "cuteness" of my outfit. Why? Well, it's doctor visit day and I want to make sure I look like (or this week - at least resemble) a glowing pregnant woman. The practice I use is in Boston and is very large - it is the only one that delivers at the Hospital. I picked it because it was close to work. And before you chalk this up to another Mommy, Esq crazy workaholic action - given the large number of appointments (at least twice a month) I figured I might as well make it cheaper to get to and easy too if I ever had any worries. The cabs to the doctor I saw in Brookline were killing my wallet (never mind that I live north of Boston and Brookline makes no sense to deliver at).

The waiting room is very large and all the pregnant ladies eye each other. Are you there alone? How pregnant do you look? I like to make up little stories about each person. My favorite is when they don't look pregnant and are there with their husbands - probably coming in for first ultrasound. Then there are the harried moms with their 2 or 3 year olds in tow sans spouse. I ran into someone I know there (she also works at Big Firm and her husband is in my "class" at the Firm) and I've seen good friends run into each other and squeal about the other being pregnant (probably well before the "okay to tell" 12 weeks). Everyone always looks a little bored and a little nervous. After all - you never know what news you'll get. Once I've gotten another glimpse at my kiddies by ultrasound we'll give you an update - especially to confirm if B is a girl.


Anonymous said...

The weird part is that waiting rooms at different practices have different "tones." The one at my former OB was a lot like you describe, with women eyeing each other's bellies and both literally and figuratively sizing one another up. No big surprise, for one of the largest practices in DC. The one at my midwife's office is laid back, kids allowed to run around and play, moms chit-chatting with each other with a minimum of snarky eyeballing. I think it's the hippy granola vibe that the midwives give off... it carries over to the waiting room. :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember very clearly being that woman who wasn't showing (not with Husband though, he's not the enthusiastic-doctor-visit-type) and I was SO jealous of the women with cute bellies! Now I'm huge and so I'm one of those women.

I generally H-A-T-E being anywhere where there are many pregnant women that I don't know. Maybe it's my insecurity? I'm fine around pregnant women I do know. It's weird. It pretty much means I can't stand the waiting room at the doctor's, Babies R Us or maternity clothing stores. It's also the primary reason why I'm not taking a child birthing class (god help me get through labor).

Anonymous said...

Oops, need to clarify...I'm one of those women, but I wouldn't venture to call my belly "cute" anymore. I think it was cute for like 4 days months ago.