Friday, June 20, 2008

Desperately Seeking Sleep

Yesterday the partner with whom I am working (who has 3.5 year old twins and a wife who was on bed rest while pregnant) asked me if I had gotten "any rest" the day before. This was the day of my 2 naps recovering from Game 6 and crazy work schedule. I said yes, but the truth is - you don't actually get that much good sleep when you are this pregnant. Which is exactly why I need more than 6 hours of sleep a night.
  • First there is the numbness from lying on either side for too long. I have one of those body pillows but it is pretty bulky so I've been placing a pillow between my knees and a FOM pillow (maybe now called "n-a-p") under my stomach. I may fall asleep quickly but I way up about every hour to figure out how to position myself. There is "ooffing" and having to crawl on hands and knees to arrange pillows. It is pretty comical and I don't know how Husband sleeps through it. [I am a former stomach sleeper but giving that up hasn't been too bad. I also cheat and sleep on my back quite a bit.]
  • Pus the heat - formerly a girl who insisted on blankets in August, I can barely stand a sheet on me.
  • Next are the trips to the bathroom. I only average about 2 a night which I understand is relatively few. When I get back to bed I try to drink some water since as I've mentioned I am terrible about hydration.
  • Occasionally there are the horrific leg cramps. I've had leg cramps in my shins - unbearable. Fortunately the additional hydration has helped.
  • Finally, the nightmares. About half the time it involves work - somehow I can't stop myself from marking up the contract and knowing I forgot something to include. The other half are baby dreams - suffocating a baby while breastfeeding, losing one of them (like I gave birth but can't find one). Where are these awesome sex dreams I was promised in my various pregnancy books? Lord knows that if I am not having sex at least I could have some fun dreams about it.

Some pregnant moms have told me that they are awake because they are "so excited". God bless them. As we get closer I think I'll be up all night figuring out chore lists for Husband and me instead of aglow with excitement. I hate not being able to move things around (furniture, huge loads of laundry) so that makes his list longer and we all know how male timelines work compared to female timelines.

As I was writing this my friend A who went to Game 6 with me e-mailed to tell me that after the game she had a dream that she had to draft a supplemental indenture to define the Celtics as "World Champions". I'm impressed with the combination of leisure activities with work.

What do my former pregnant ladies remember about their sleep patterns? How about my other expectant moms? And this "dreaming about work" can't be limited to preggies - I'm sure plenty of my readers have the same problem. Let me recommend a little Antiques Roadshow if you really can't fall asleep.


Liz Jimenez said...

Ugh, sleep was awful pretty much my entire pregnancy. I wanted to slap people who would say stupid things like "enjoy your sleep now!" As if I was actually sleeping. The numbness, the carpal tunnel, the fact that if I was on my back I saw stars, the peeing, the grunting and huffing and puffing just to change positions with my endless pillows... not good times. Oh, and I totally had weird and crazy dreams, too.

At least once the babies were born, I was physically able to sleep, even if I lacked opportunity sometimes. The night after delivery, in the hospital and hooked up to all variety of tubes and wires, babies in the nursery... best night of sleep I'd had in MONTHS.

Good luck, I totally feel your pain.

Nancy said...

hm. I don't remember anything about that phase...must be the lack of sleep LOL!

Anonymous said...

I definitely remember the middle-of-the-night shifting around. And yeah, I slept on my back quite a bit. And, in fact, once woke up laying on my stomach, while about 7.5 months pregnant with Alex. How the hell that happened, I have no idea. I am sure I was awakened by his violent protests of being squished. I think I must be lucky to have an enormous bladder, because I don't think I ever woke more than once per night to pee, with some nights of no bathroom trips. Of course, in the morning, that meant an Austin Powers type pee....

What A Card said...

I swear, when the babies arrive you'll hardly even notice the sleep deprivation because as little sleep as you get, it'll still be more than you get while pregnant. Or perhaps it's just *better* sleep, where you don't wake up uncomfortable or desperate to pee.

I will say, though, that the dreams continue to be odd. For about a month after my boys were born, I kept bolting awake thinking we'd left a baby in bed and smothered him. It was awful. My husband started cracking up at the number of times I jumped up in the middle of the night searching for a baby, who was sound asleep in a crib...

Lee Denis said...

You bring back such memories. I had forgotten the awful leg cramps. I had one so bad, that I was limping for a whole week after it. I also would get terrible pains in my hips from lying on my side. The funny thing is we know for the most part what we are getting into and we do it anyways. They're totally worth it.