Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun couples game!

No, not that kind of game, you perv.

Wife Esq. and I just played a fun game. (Goddess, I think she was inspired by your great post on finances.) She came across an article that said couples often weren't on the same page on financial topics like expected retirement dates, net worth, etc.

So, I whipped out two pads of post-its, and we played the Financial Newlyweds Game. (Not actually very newly, but whatever.) Each of us wrote down the answer to the following questions:
  • How old does Mommy Esq. expect to be when she retires?
  • How old does Husband expect to be when he retires?
  • What's our net worth, including the house?
  • What's our combined gross base salary, before bonuses?
  • How much debt do we have, including the mortgage?
We actually did really well. We were within a couple of years of each other on the first two, and a few thousand either way on the others. Our quarterly "Finance Committee" meetings pay off, apparently.

We did so well, in fact, I thought I'd try something harder. First question: "What number am I thinking of?" Wife did poorly, guessing 7 instead of 4. (Duh.) But she shocked me with the second question: "What noun did I just write?" She guessed "cat." She was right! It was freakin' amazing.


H said...

I would like to schedule a financial meeting with husband, since this is my "tuna fish summer" and I'm feeling down-right poor.

Anonymous said...

I think Goddess's post on finances inspired many people---I started harrassing my husband again to get that will set up. (Lest you think I'm asking too much, our lawyer is his dad). I cringe at thinking about how our kids got to 14 months and we don't have a will.

Anonymous said...

We were actually ahead of the trend with outsourcing... We outsource our financial matters to a planner. (Not overseas though, ha.) He asks the important questions and makes sure we're on the right path to achieve our retirement goals and such.

10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

Thanks for posting this. I had my wife read it. We took the quiz, and came out pretty even (after my wife said that our net worth included the potential sale price of our house, without taking out the amount we owe on the mortgage...and she's the MBA!). Then we sat down to create a rough budget to figure out our net each month, after fixed expenses (e.g., mortgage, cars, nanny, etc.) before discretionary expenses (e.g., clothes). It was a helpful exercise.