Sunday, June 1, 2008

Playing Catchup

Yesterday I caught up on sleep and today is chore day. The weather is so nice and Husband and I are working in tandem so it's been fun - grocery shopping, yard work, picking up the house. Odd to think that soon we'll have to do some of that solo while the other watches the tykes - I'm going to miss hanging out with him being just the two of us.

Our cat Scotia (named by the shelter for Nova Scotia since the woman who ran the shelter went there on vacation) has been jumping up on the window sill in our office so we bought her a Kitty Sill at Petco since she's looked so uncomfortable. The jury is out whether she'll use it but if I can get her too I'll take her photo. I think she misses the bay window seat we had in our last rental.

I also went to see Sex In the City with two of my BFFs last night. They had fun drinks before the movie and I got the waitress to put my seltzer and cranberry juice in a martini glass. The movie had a lot to overcome since they had left each of the girls (and who doesn't think of herself and her girlfriends as "girls" regardless of their ages?) in a good place. They built up some good drama in the middle that made me feel for Carrie et al but the last hour or so was sort of dull - could have done with some more editing. For example, although Jennifer Hudson was sweet we could have done without the assistant part and figured some way around how awesome her apartment (organization, etc.) and how the "hidden" email came about. I don't want to give away too much.

It would be nice to have rich friends though - Carrie's friends took care of so much for her while she was down and out. My friends would always be there for moral support but I couldn't expect them to pony up for movers or pay for my honeymoon. Have I given too much away? I also wish Charlotte had more of a role but her "momma bear" routine with Big by the limo and on the street were priceless.

In pregnancy related items, Husband and I are confused why sometimes my ever-growing belly feels soft (like I'm just fat) but other times is round and hard and clearly filled with babies. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it is related to gas or water retention. I guess I'll ask Dr What's Cooking next time I see him.

Tomororw I have to leave work EARLY (yeah!) to make my 6 pm Moms of Twins annual dinner. I hope one of my favorite bloggers Goddess in Progress goes so I can meet her in person. Goddess, if you are reading this my friends found your blog and love it too.


Liz Jimenez said...

Haha, I'm always reading, you're on my Google Reader list. :-) And thanks for the shout-out.

I will not be at the dinner tomorrow, but try to come to the next cope! I'll definitely be there...

As for the firm belly, welcome to the world of braxton-hicks contractions! Good times. As long as they're pretty infrequent, it's probably no biggie and just standard operating procedure for the workout you're giving the ol' uterus. But if it happens a lot, definitely a sign to take it easier and drink more water.

Krissy said...


I had another thought on the firm belly syndrome. Sometimes my belly felt different depending on how one or the other baby was laying...if a baby was up against the exterior part of my belly (back/butt against my belly) than it was hard. But if a baby was turned back toward my spine, then my belly was softer, as I was touching more of the amniotic sac. Make sense?