Saturday, June 14, 2008

Relaxing Surprise

Husband and I traveled to "Destination Maternity" in Natick on Saturday. I was looking for a dress for the baby shower I have next weekend (my mom is hosting for me) and because none of the pants my sister Allie gave me fit any more . Those "half" bands do not work - at the end of each day I felt as though I was being cut off in the middle since they'd roll down and dig into me.

The funny thing is I ended up buying stuff mostly at Motherhood Maternity which we have in the much closer Burlington Mall. This was because Pea in a Pod and Mimi Maternity do not carry anything other than a large. While I can fit in a large now there is no room for the additional 12 weeks I have to go and to say I looked "chesty" would be an understatement. I got some pants that have those really large panels - the kind that go up above your tummy. So much more comfortable.

In the midst of trying on a million items Husband informed me that it was time for my spa appointment. What a nice surprise! I had just been thinking about how once my deal was over I would find a place that specializes in pregnancy massages. Husband saw they had a spa (I didn't even notice it) when he went to their website looking for directions. I felt a little guilty since he had to entertain himself but he walked down Route 9 and found other ways to occupy himself since he knew it would take a while.

It was nice to be able to lie on my stomach - they have pads so you can. The masseuse was surprised I was almost 27 weeks - she clearly thought I was further along. She also asked if twins "ran in the family" after I explained I was expecting two. Not something one would expect from a pregnancy place. Still, very relaxing - maybe my hips will hurt less tonight when I go to sleep.

Speaking of stomach size, I have been receiving quite a few comments from women in elevator banks nicely asking how long the countdown is. I am so embarrassed when I say I still have 3 months to go that I have to tell them I am carrying two. Look, I know I am a little big (or as Dr. Whatscooking would say I have a nice size uterus) but I'm also 5'3 and don't have the room that my pregnant co-worker who is like 6'1 has for her baby girl. I just know she'll bounce right back after giving birth and I'll still be struggling to take the weight off before I go back to work. I also blame Hollywood - they always take a woman wearing a pad that makes her look about 7 months pregnant and send her in to labor. Notice you never see a starlet out and roaming around in her 8th and 9th months? Yeah, US Weekly - show us those pics! [Speaking of US Weekly, I feel very trendy with all the articles on "who's going to pop next".]

I am not alone I know - many of my friends who carried singletons were told they looked "so big" and were they "sure it was only 1"? And of course once I mention the twins it is the whole "are they natural?" or the attempting to be subtle "does it run in your family?".

Anyway, thank you, Husband, for a nice surprise. I hope this means I'll be less grumpy when I have to work all day and night on Sunday.


Liz Jimenez said...

Ooh, how lovely! I had a massage somewhere around week 30, as I recall. It was delightful. Anything to provide even a moment's relief from all of the stress on your body.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, love those pregnancy massages!!!!

Krissy said...

I had a massage immediately after an IUI...I think it helped. :)

FYI, Sears caries Motherhood Maternity tops in 1 and 2X. Sounds horrifyingly big now, I know, but with any luck, you will need 'em that big because your babies will be nice and big.

At my 38 week appointment, my uterus was measuring 48 weeks. When I was out in public, people stared and pointed. Not the most fun thing for those fragile pregnancy hormones! :)

Nancy said...

I was scheduled for a pregnancy massage with my twins, but had to cancel it when I went into the hospital on bed rest THE DAY it was scheduled. Ah well - I'm just jealous :)

I also have to say that I've asked "does it run in the family?" not really even thinking about the "if must have had help" part of that apparently unasked question...I was actually curious if there were more! Hmmm. perhaps I'll stop asking that now that I'm enlightened. I guess my point about that though is that not everyone is trying to be "personal" when asking it in the supposed "polite" way. (I'm sure most are...)

Oh - and don't be embarrassed by your size...announce proudly that you're eating for *3* and scarf down something (anything) in front of those who are horrified. LOL

Mommy, Esq. said...

I think I'm most sensitive to "does it run in your family" because I'm a triplet so they assume "natural" when actually I was on Clomid when I got pregnant with my twins.

Jen said...

I hated the "when are you due?" question! I never knew if I should give them my original due date or 38 weeks date, since the doc was going to induce on that date or 37 weeks, since that's full term. Then I'd explain that it was twins and get the "run in fam?" and say, "no, these are identical, the non-hereditary" type. Then a number of people would argue with me that my husband must have them in HIS family... sigh...
Oh, Old Navy has huge, cheap maternity clothes and easy online shopping:)