Saturday, June 7, 2008

Scary Night

I took Friday off from work - slept in and hung out with my mom (I thought it would be nice to have Mom & Daughter time while we could) and even took a 2 hour nap in my old bed. All this relaxation, staying off my feet, and I ended up in the hospital on Friday night.

Husband came up to my parents' house for dinner on Friday - a belated one for my brother who turned 25 the day before. We were also there to borrow a trailer to drive around New England on our Craig's List jaunts. We had a nice dinner and I went to the bathroom before cake only to to discover I was bleeding. It was like a bizarre dream. I said "oh, shit" and went out to tell husband I needed to call the after-hours service. I made the call and instead of waiting for the call back I said "let's just head in" to the Hospital since I knew they'd probably send me anyway. It wasn't a ton of blood but it was more than just spotting. It took about 30 mins to get there(maybe a little more) and when they called of course they said to come in.

The whole time I was worrying about Baby A (our BoyBaby). I don't often feel Baby A (and never even sure when I think I do) - Baby B I feel all the time. Of course I kept hoping they were both fine and tried not to cry too much.

I felt better after we parked. What was surreal (although I should have guessed) is that they sent me to Labor & Delivery - for some reason I wasn't expecting that. They took me in right away and as other moms have said - the nurses were amazing. The doctor had a great bedside manner - concerned, warm and friendly and positive - just what I needed.

They hooked me up to 2 monitors and found both heartbeats. Which was incredibly reassuring as you can imagine. Both seemed strong (crazy how much faster they beat than mine which was around 90) - they vacilated between 145 and 165. My blood pressure was 102/56 - I know, I have incredibly low blood pressure which is one reason why I had hoped work stress wouldn't impact them. And I was way more stressed then I am when working late. The funny thing about the fetal heartrate monitors, which I had seen on various "baby" shows is that they (or the babies) move aroudn and so you'll see a "?" or no numbers often. I had to stop watching after a while.

After some "tracing" (tracking heartrates) the doctor and nurse confirmed both were doing well, I was not having contractions (which I said I didn't think so but I did have a slight backache). They also did a quick portbable ultrasound and then a vaginal exam. All told we where there about an hour and half - not bad at all. And most importantly everyone was fine - I had stopped bleeding before I got there and while they couldn't explain why I had beld they did say all "concerning" things had been ruled out. The placenta for Baby A was 2 cenitmeters from my cervix (it has been low lying all along) and my cervix was long and closed. Although they took the cervix sample for pre-term labor tests they didn't think they even needed to run the tests.

Husband was great. He did his usual "silence" thing he does when he is worried but since I didn't want to discuss my fears out loud that was fine with me. When it was over he said he was more worried about me than the babies. But I knew I was fine - it was my tykes that need special care and attention. The biggest worry was that if I was going into labor they would be 15 weeks early - that is too small to survive or to survive with any shot at a decent life. So here's to all our thoughts for them to continue to "cook" inside me for at least 10 more weeks if not 15.

In case you were wondering no one said anything about bedrest. I'll see Dr. Whatscooking on Tuesday so he may have other ideas. But the crazy thing is I HARDLY worked this week, I got lots of sleep and I ate well and drank lots of water. Somehow I don't see the link - Husband thinks maybe they prefer when I am all busy and stressed (and they may get their wish on that point due to recent work developments). Also, 3 months of bedrest would be quite daunting given how much we have to do to get "ready" (and loss of income since if I go on disability it will be at 65% salary). I know some of you are secretly rooting for me to go on it to tone down the job but we'll see what the doctor has to say first. Obviously whatever is best for them I'd do but I don't think they want Mommy, Esq. to go stir crazy.


Liz Jimenez said...

Scary, scary!! Oh, I would have been beside myself. I'm so glad everything checked out OK.

Husband said...

My "silence thing?" I only have one thing to say to that:

H said...

I am only mildly secretly rooting- but not for the bed rest till start till I'm out of school and we can become tv buddies! I don't think the doctor would put you on this soon, but I think (with all my wisdom of twin pregnancies) that it could be by the end of July. Glad you are okay, this post made me feel so sad, because you sounded much calmer on the phone. Hang in there:)

Anonymous said...

Sending you happy thoughts and calming vibes!

T. said...

So glad you are okay! (I just got back from vaca and am catching up on blog-reading.) Big hugs, will call you tomorrow! Love, T

What A Card said...

Whoa! That's scary! I hope all is well now and that you'll look back on this as minor hiccup.

I had two episodes like this, and ended up not having my boys until 38 weeks. But boy, was it ever scary! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I am glad everything turned out ok.