Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So That Explains the Backache

Today was doctor visit day that included a glucose screening (no results yet) and an ultrasound. As soon as I checked in I was told that Dr. Whatscooking was about eight patients behind - and it wasn't even 11 am. I let the reception know (a) I'd see someone else (which she said she couldn't do) and (b) if I was going to be waiting long I'd need to reschedule for another day (which she said if I did she'd have to call the nurses - like that is a threat? Um, okay).

After two prior excruciating visits where I had to wait almost 2 hours I was not putting up with this crap. If he is always this far behind then they have to fix the number of patients they schedule him for. When I only see him for 5 mins how could he ever get 8 patients behind? I can assure you he isn't asking questions (other than "What's cooking?") or giving you any in-depth information.

I had to go back to receptionist to ask again for my glucose drink which they brought out and then we had an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was good but I've given up trying to identify anything - I can usually see the heart chambers and that is about it. I guess once the fetuses are bigger you can't really distinguish anything - our 18 week one was definitely the most fun. Baby A (boy) is on my right side and is breech. Baby B (girl) is head down/slightly vertex. Her feet are what I usually feel right above Baby A's head. I think Baby A has head-butted me a few times. They were jumpy from that sugary glucose drink.

Baby A is 2lbs, 6 ounces - the same as when I was born! He is in the 25th percentile (since that is what I weighed at 30.5 weeks I shudder to think what percentile I was in). Baby B is 2lbs 12 ounces and is 40% percentile. That is about 4.5 lbs of babies for about 30-35lbs of weight gain. Sigh. I actually continue my average weight gain of 1 to 1.5lbs a week (with only a 1lb average these past 2 weeks) so that is really not that much weight gain. My blood pressure was 106/60.

Husband came for the ultrasound (although he might stop coming since I've had so many) so we went back into the waiting room and re-checked in for Dr. Whatscooking. Husband made a call and did some work on his laptop, I jumped on a conference call for work - out in the hallway so we wouldn't disturb other patients. A nurse came out to say that Dr. Beard (he has a beard so I'm going with it for his pseudonym) would see me instead. I didn't even have to complain, break down in tears, try to reschedule or anything. I guess Dr. Whatscooking was REALLY behind.

Dr. Beard is calm, asks questions and gives me useful information without prompting. Apparently because Baby A is smaller than B we will have to come back sooner to check on his growth - and if it continues to be out of wack from Baby B we will have to do stress-tests, more ultrasounds, etc. Eat up, little guy! Dr. Beard even measured my stomach which Dr. Whatscooking doesn't do (Dr. Beard says he never does). I measured at 36 weeks - no wonder my back has been aching. I'm already carrying a uterus the size of a full term singleton.

Dr. Beard also said that if I got to 38 weeks they would "not let me go any further" - I suspected that might be the case but first anyone has mentioned it to me. They must be thinking I'm going to have no problem getting past the 32+ week mark. So I am officially changing my due date to September 2nd. Consider yourself informed. I can also still fly (we are thinking of going to DC to see friends) until 34 weeks since my pregnancy is going so well. Dr. Beard basically said I've had a very good pregnancy so far.

Now - how can I switch from Dr. Whatscooking who I don't like to Dr. Beard who I do? Any suggestions or is this off limits since they are 2 of 4 high risk doctors in the same practice?


T. said...

I've decided that I love Dr. Beard and think you need to switch over to him. I don't know how you do that, but who cares - it's your body and your babies!

Liz Jimenez said...

Wow, he gave you the OK to fly to 34 weeks?!?! I've never heard of that with a twin pregnancy! Beware, I was plenty uncomfortable when I stopped flying around 24 weeks... But if you feel good, rock on!

My daughter was smaller than my son the whole time, and I ended up with twice-weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests at the end to make sure she was still growing and not in distress. At birth, she was even smaller than they predicted, but was more feisty than her heavier brother. She's still very petite (and still very feisty), but super healthy and growing well... just small!

Oh, and totally switch doctors. That kind of wait is unacceptable. I once went to a practice where it was always like that, and it was awful. At my OB's office, I never waited longer than 15 minutes for my appointment. I did sometimes get appointments canceled the morning they were supposed to happen, which sucked, but at least they called. (They still made appointments for the days when they were on call... boo.) My only people-pleaser hesitation would be that there's a perfectly good chance that your original doctor could be the one on-call to deliver the babies. I don't know if that would create weirdness, but if you think you're better taken care of with the 2nd doctor, then it doesn't matter. Go for it!

H said...

You're on crack if you get on a plane....I"m not sure about these MGH doctors! I am not available for Delivery room duty if you are in DC.

Absolutely switch- you just call up and say, "i was very happy with my experience with Dr. Beard and would prefer all my future appointments be with him". As Natalie has taught me, everything is negotiable.

Dr. What's cooking sounds clueless- he might not recognize you if he has to deliver you

Does "A"s current status of breech equal C section?

Anonymous said...

As your father has said many times before, it is your right as a patient to ask for a second opinion and it is your right to switch doctors for whatever reason. It makes not difference if they are in the same practice; but be forewarned that "Dr. Beard" may be the one delivering my grandchildren so do not (double underline) burn any bridges. As for little boy G. it is usual for boys to be much smaller than girls...hence why more girls survive birth than boys (at least historically). As for flying, Helen is right and if you think that I pulled a nutty when you went to stupid Celtics game...just wait.

Anonymous said...

You an totally switch. In fact, I would suggest you try to see all the high-risk docs in the practice, since in theory any of them could be on call when the twinkies arrive.

To answer Helen's question, my understanding is that as long as the "presenting twin" is vertex, the second can be delivered breech.

If you go into labor while you're here in DC, I will make myself available for delivery-room duty. :-)

Bessa said...

Switch doctors! You may have Dr. W deliver the babies if he's the only one available, but you'll better your chances having the Dr. you want. I tried to switch doctors at 40 weeks and it didn't end well for me. Now, with my second pregnancy, I have a new doctor and am much happier. Just do it.

Stacey said...

The consensus from the message boards is to switch to Dr. Beard. I mean if you had one appointment with him and really liked him and don't like Dr. Whatscooking after 10+ it's time to switch. Do it today. I know you don't like confrontation (join the club) but Helen's suggestion is a great one. Once you give birth you can provide more detailed feedback to the practice about Dr. W's lack of bedside manner.