Monday, June 30, 2008

We May Have to Ask Netflix to Pay for Marriage Counseling

Husband told me this weekend that Neflix is going to forego the feature that allows you to have separate queues withing one account. Husband and I have been using Netflix for years - since we moved in together in the summer of 2002. When the separate queues were introduced it was great for both of us. That way I always had 1 choice (usually a TV show disc) and Husband had 1 movie for himself and 1 joint one (although he often hijacked the joint one too). I watch TV shows on a portable DVD player while picking up the bedroom, doing laundry, cleaning kitchen - well, when I do those things anyway.

Now Husband will have to work extra hard to keep the queue straight so that I always get my 1 disc. I have a feeling I'll get pretty irriated if we have 3 war movies out at a time. Netlfix won't even combine the queues for you so I have to print out my existing queue to add to Husband's.

Sometimes I think I should just "give up" TV but honestly I love it - more than movies and it fits my attention span. Maybe I'll feel differently after the tykes arrive.

Late Breaking News: Husband says I am all Web 2.0 with my blogging effect because Neflix just announced they will NOT be getting rid of the multiple queues. Who says complaining doesn't work? I suspect those people who use the queues are the biggest users of new technologies ("early adopters") so sure to complain the loudest.


Sally said...

Love your blog. I found that I actually watched MORE tv during the first weeks that I had my babies home. I watched while pumping and often while nursing, too. As much as life is crazy and exciting and everything, what no one tells you is that pumping is BORING and nursing sleepy babies at 2 am is BORING. Good luck with the netflix.

Nancy said...

Wow! I've been away from Netflix for so long, I didn't even realize that they offered two lists...that sounds GREAT! Why on earth would they take that away??

And I agree with Sally - I watched a lot of TV while nursing. I read a lot too. I felt a little guilty at first...thinking "I should be paying attention to my kids!" But the guilt faded when I realized that they were sleep-eating. LOL

Let us know if Netflix agrees to pay for therapy ;)

H said...

"give up tv" your funny, KJ!
To quote your favorite movie, "As if".

Just get two accounts- two queues- I really think it is for the best.

T. said...

I still don't understand what "Web 2.0" implies, even after reading the Wikipedia page...