Sunday, July 13, 2008

Babies' Shower - Take Two

My friend T generously hosted another baby shower for me on Saturday. This one included my friends from elementary school, college, the Firm (alumni and current associates) and a few other women my age whom I've met through various circumstances. Hopefully my friend Gret can send me photos so I can add some to this post. T made these cute cookies in the shape of A and B and frosted A blue for boy and B pink for girl.

On Friday I took the day off work and we went with Helen, Elizabeth (my friend living in Sweden) and August (her two month old) to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the El Greco/Valazquez exhibit. We even found street parking and he was a calm baby the whole time. You should have seen the 3 of us trying to figure out how to put August in the car seat and how to assemble his Urban Jungle baby carriage. The looks I got in the museum when I wheeled that around with my giant belly were quite funny. It has also been interesting hearing about the differences between how Swedes raise their babies and how we do in the U.S. (one key - they use less stuff). Below is a picture of the childhood friends with me.
Anyway, back to the shower - everyone was so nice and after a while I went along with the whole - "you stay there" and "can I get you something to drink". To be honest I am "slowing down" (Husband likes to use that phrase) and standing for periods of time is getting difficult. So I hugged guests from the couch where I was camped out. A few of my friends have their own babies so they were able to give me advice and gifts I didn't register for but they found useful (like these snack-trap cups). One of my friends happened to be in town from Sweden and she came with her adorable 2 month old baby August who was the hit of the shower. Liz, August and Kalle (Liz's husband) are coming to my house on Wednesday for a night and Husband and I are planning on testing out our baby gear on August. :)

I got home around 4:45 pm and immediately took a nap. Meanwhile my friend JerseyGirl (who has her own blog of course!) went with Husband to the grocery store and she made us some dishes to put in our freezer for after the kids are born including turkey meatloaf, mash potatoes and baked ziti with her famous marinara sauce. She is a bundle of energy - she was up later than me on Saturday night and is out taking a walk right now while I blog from my desk. Have I mentioned she has 2 boys (3.5 years and 17 months) and is a fitness instructor in her spare time?

We had a mini GW reunion where T, Gret (author of Dandelion Garden), JerseyGirl and one of Gret's friends who recently moved to the area (and is about 6 months along) went to dinner in the North End. During dinner I remembered this desert place I saw on the Phantom Gourmet that has cupcakes that get injected with ice cream. We thought injected cupcakes sounded so dirty and delicious. It was a few blocks away but when we got there it was closed (permanently). I guess it wasn't meant to be but we found another ice cream and pastry shop to round out our meals.

Home and bed followed shortly thereafter but I'd like to proudly note I was out until 10 pm! Today we are dropping JerseyGirl at the train station and Husband and I are attending a C-Section class at the hospital where I am giving birth. Doctor has not told me I'm having one but let's be honest - I probably will (especially because presenting Baby A is breach).

Many fun things happening this week - ultrasound on Tuesday, my first COPE meeting (for MOTs) that night and visit from the Swedes so keep checking back in for more updates!


Anonymous said...

you go girl. "Aunt" W

Anonymous said...

I will send you our pic tomorrow after I upload them from the camera!

Thanks again for letting me sack out in your guest room! It was so great visiting with you!!!

T. said...

Glad you had a good time, it was so much fun for me too!!

Just realized that we never got a GW photo! :-(

Gretchen said...

It was so good to see old faces and meet your work friends! The pictures are in cyberspace if not already in your inbox!