Monday, July 7, 2008

Break Time

I finished my deal! Saturday night after midnight. Yesterday I did a lot of nothing. Husband worked on mulching in our backyard while I looked on and read a trashy romance novel (what, you think I'd read something educational with the amount of contract reading I do for my job?). This was followed up with a 2 hour nap and dinner and a movie with Husband (Iron Man and Figs). I paid for the yummy amounts of garlic in my dinner later that night with heartburn - my first ever. On the plus side I had lots of dreams about Robert Downey Jr - who knew how charming he was!

One benefit of my job that most of my friends don't have is that I don't have to go to work today. When you are "on" a deal it is all encompassing and stressful and when you are "off" it is lazy and wonderful - a time to catch up on minor client matters you've put off, get your personal life back in order, etc. I will probably go into the office for a few hours (to see if I can round some work up for my summer associate) but will clean the kitchen and putter around for a while at home first. My Big Firm really has no "face time" requirement and I take advantage of that when I'm not "on" a deal.

I also want to give a shout-out to my friend C who is having a C-Section for her breach baby today at 2 pm (I' guess the baby is a boy but time will tell). How terrible that she has had to go since midnight last night without food. If I have a C-Section I'd like to push to have it scheduled for early in the morning and then make sure I eat around 11 pm the night before - lots of protein. Good luck, C - I know everything will go well and soon you'll have a healthy, bouncing baby to bring home (definitely bounce him or her - The Happiest Baby on the Block encourages it).


T. said...

So glad you are getting a break!! Enjoy the downtime!!

Gretchen said...

Rest up for our fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting a break! Can't wait to see you Friday!!