Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Curse of the Short Limbs

I have discovered the pregnancy "Curse of the Short Limbs". I have about 2 inches of belly left before I may not be able to drive any more (I guess H will have to be my chauffeur this summer!). Stupid short legs. What I have started to realize is that doing dishes and washing my hands in the work bathroom sink is a problem. I can barely reach the faucets. I will try out a stepstool at home but not sure how to address the work bathroom issue.

I was at the doctor's today and saw Dr. Whatscooking on time! It is a miracle. While I've had a few glitches (and will see the nutritionist tomorrow) I've been able to use diet to keep the GD under control for the last 6 days (it feels like forever but I only started on this last Wednesday). Bake potatoes are evil - my sugar level was way up last night after having one with dinner. I just found out a friend a few weeks behind me flunked her second GD test - welcome to the club. You'll get used to being a pincushion and obsessing about what you need to eat.

One possible side effect of all this watching what I am eating (especially carbs and sweets) - I didn't gain any weight between last week and this week. And this time I even kept my flipflops on! Dr. Whatscooking quickly found both A and B's heartbeats and confirmed my cervix is as tight as a drum. Blood pressure was 100/60 - apparently this is a big reason why women go early but no signs of any problems for me. He doesn't see any reason why I wouldn't make it to the all important 34 weeks and beyond.


Nancy said...

Don't want to scare you, but I thought I'd be unable to drive toward the end as well ... they came earlier than we thought, so it wasn't a "problem"! (They were just over 33 weeks.)

...so, if you can't wash your hands at work, that means you get to work from home from now on, right? ;)

Krissy said...

It helps to stand side ways next to the sink and do one hand, flip, and do the other! :)

H said...

I am home from the Cape and ready to chauffeur- call me:)

Anonymous said...

As a tallish person, I didn't encounter that problem. Although I did have a bad sense of spatial relations when it came to my belly... I was constantly bumping into things (doh!) and thinking I could squeeze through smaller spaces than I actually could (behind a chair at work, past someone at the grocery store).

Glad to hear the sugar is under control and the BP is looking good. I definitely think you will make it to the 34 week milestone!