Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Early Arrivals

This morning Dr. Whatscooking mentioned that 34 weeks was a good milestone for my tykes since risk of preterm complications drastically reduces. I just found out that R who I met through my MOT group gave birth to 2 girls at 33 weeks and her little girls will have to spend time in the NICU. This has led me to wonder - what were the reasons that the MOTs out there who read this blog went early (and when were your kids born)? Was it high blood pressure? Labor/water breaking early?

I know this seems like I might be worrying myself unnecessarily but I really do want to know if you could share your experiences. I'm hoping to keep my little ones "cooking" for as long as possible. Husband wants that too -- hopefully not just because (1) he has a bachelor party the weekend of August 15th that I have said he could go to (so long as Dr. Whatscooking doesn't see any problems) and (2) our baby nurse is not available until after mid-August. If you think I am crazy about allowing Husband to go to bachelor party I would say in my defense we made this decision months ago - well before I knew (a) my doctor wouldn't let me gestate past 38 weeks and (b) I'd feel this big and ready to pop already. You can feel free to let him know (in the comments) if you think he's crazy. :)


Husband said...

HOLD ON THERE A MINUTE! Wife is trying to give you the impression I'm going on this bachelor party against her wishes or on sufferance. In fact, I was leaning toward not going--it was too close to her due date for me to be comfortable jetting off and partying with my friends. But she INSISTED that I go. Seriously. I think I have the e-mails somewhere as proof. I had them notarized, because I knew something like this would happen.

Mommy, Esq. said...

As Husband said he was leaning (months ago) toward NOT going when I thought it would be okay (months ago) - notice he hasn't revisited the idea... :)

Husband said...

The tickets are nonrefundable--I am party to a solemn pact between myself, my friends, and JetBlue. Even if the kids are born tonight, or the day before the trip, or even while I'm waiting for my flight at Logan, as a man of honor I have no choice but to go to that bachelor party.

Also, just as a reminder, she told me to go.

Liz Jimenez said...

Dear husband, I already told your wife I thought she was nuts. :-) Actually, emoticons aside, I really don't think it's wise, but that's just me.

I went into labor spontaneously at 35w5d (late at night), so they were born at 36w exactly (early the next morning). I don't know if going into labor was in any way related to the high blood pressure (not pre-e) that I developed.

36w is, I believe, the "average" for twin moms. Personally, I wanted to make sure everything was "ready" to go from about 32-34 weeks on. You just never know, and it's not the time to mess around.

... off my soapbox now, gotta go to bed, flying to Chicago in the morning!

Rhonda said...

I have identical girls who were delivered at 30 weeks for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) complications, after 11 weeks of bedrest for the same. Not really an issue in your case. I hope you are able to go full term with your babies. I know lots of MoMs who do.

Krissy said...

Delivered at 39 weeks via scheduled c-section. Never went into labor. No pre-E, no high BP, no GD, 'nuthin. I am intensely grateful now, but at the time, I was so unbelievably MISERABLE. I measured 48 weeks at 38, and it was very hard to walk.

I know my experience wasn't the average, but I was so blessed to have two healthy kids that needed no intervention what so ever. I am hoping for the same for you!

Cheryl Lage said...

Like Krissy, I never went into labor, but "suddenly" at our 36 weeks appointment Twin B was perceived to be a full pound smaller than A.

While there had been nary a complication throughout the pregnancy, no water broke, no labor started, just that sudden weight discrepancy was deemed just cause to induce labor and deliver our duo.

Born at 36 weeks 5 days (both vaginally), neither needed NICU time or interventions beyond temperature monitoring in the gen pop nursery.

Our OB-GYN said if labor began (or in retrospect I have to assume if a sudden weight discrep occurred) at 34 weeks or thereafter, they'd do nothing to prolong the pregnancy, so it sounds like your docs are of the same "milestone goal" mindset.

Man, I so don't want to wade too far in the middle of that man/wife/pending plural parents discussion -- but I am curious how many weeks will you be at the time of the bachelor party? More than the loss of the tix $$ or irritating lifelong buddies (neither of which I am saying should be taken lightly), my concern is mostly heaven forbid, how will husband feel if indeed, due to unforeseen circumstances, he misses the birth? Granted, the delivery probably won't (and I hope, doesn't!) happen early, but jeez with pregnancy (especially twin pregnancy) you just never know. I'd think the possibility of that guilt would be God awful... it's a Vegas wager thing. I dunno!

Either way, all the best to you...I hope you're in it (discomfort and all :( ) for the long haul...or at least through that bachelor party!

Sally said...

I love the blog-comment spousal "discussion." I went into labor at 36 weeks 4 days. It probably had something to do with the beer I drank the night before to celebrate my birthday. Or because I am short and my body was done having babies in it. My boys were big and healthy and had no NICU time, so I think they were done cooking. My SIL is 34 weeks right now and if my brother tried to go out of town, I would probably handcuff him to their couch. I'm just saying.

Rebecca said...

This was a big topic of discussion in our house, as my husband traveled weekly for work (At the time to DC, Chicago & Kansas City). He didn't travel at all after 32 weeks, and I'm pretty sure stopped going to Kansas City around 30 weeks (getting back to Boston from KC is hard to do quickly). At the time, it was more thinking about him missing the experience, but looking back, the birth was pretty scary in a lot of ways---I can't imagine being by myself there.

I had no signs of preterm labor---blood pressure was great, no contractions or BH....until my water broke at 2am when I was 36w 2d pregnant. The babies were born via C section at 9pm that night. Once your water breaks, that's it---they will deliver the babies fairly quickly, even if labor doesn't start on its own.

Nancy said...

ooooh - tough one. I think I mentioned in my last comment that I delivered at 33w3days...after 9 days on bed rest in the hospital. Flat on my back. With my feet in the air so there would be no pressure on my cervix. Fun times. The kids were about 4.5 pounds each. Ya - 9 pounds of baby in there...my body had had it.

Up till then, I had had nothing wrong, but started bleeding a little so they kept me in "for observation" and I didn't leave until after the births. (not entirely true...but I'll blog about that at some point). Apparently I was having contractions I couldn't feel and they don't like that so much.

I'm going to have to say that your hubby is *crazy* to leave... especially if your doc says that the 34 week mark is a good one to shoot for. Let's hope you get to cook 'em longer though.

SMNYC said...

Darn -

I was hoping to show up and be all snarky about hubby needing "permission" to goto a bach party. But it turned into a serious discussion too quickly.

Maybe there's a way technology can solve this...Hubby stays home but gets a wireless webcam and watches the fun? While drinking scotch...alone...hmmm. Sorry dude.

Almostima said...

I think Husband should get a surrogate ala Arrested Development! :)

But seriously, did you recently post that you are getting to the point that you can't drive? Will someone else be there for you to help on anything that comes up (labor or not?).

On the plus side, if he does go and miss the birth you can hold it over his head for the rest of your life together. Husband, is that really worth it to you?

Husband said...

@ Einat: If it means I get to skip the c-section, then yes. Totally.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, if it were a singleton pregnancy I'd say Husband would be clear to go. But you'll be, what, almost 36 weeks at that point? Too chancey for me.

A. said...

OK, I just typed a long comment that ended up sounding way scarier than I wanted it to. I'm just going to stick with: I don't think Husband should go.

And that doesn't even factor in the bachelor party Husband will never live down (you know the one I speak of...).

Husband said...

Here's something I just thought of. Maybe she'll have the kids before my trip is scheduled. Then there would be no reason at all not to go.