Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heartburn City

I really have no right to complain given how easy my pregnancy has been. Apart from swollen ankles and stretch marks I really haven't had any symptoms. But the end is near(ish) and the symptoms are suddenly stacking up:
  • Sleeping? Not so well any more. I'm now up to 5 trips a night to the bathroom and multiple wake ups/weird dreams on top of that.
  • Heartburn - it took me a day or so to realize that is what I have. Makes eating less enjoyable and I'm not much of a foodie to begin with (why I can't be skinny since I don't love food is another matter entirely). Tums doesn't really help and trying to sleep in an "upright position" also does nothing.
  • Huffing and Puffing - shortness of breath/heavy breathing just sitting in my office chair, blogging.
  • Mobility - not so much. There is the rolling off the bed at night to waddle to the bathroom and the "push" need from Husband to get off the couch. He's beginning to fear I might get trapped in the car one day if he isn't around to help me out.
  • Waddle - mostly when I realize I need to go to the bathroom - somehow the discomfort requires me to waddle to the bathroom. I have no doubt soon I'll be waddling everywhere.

Any advice or funny/embarrassing stories about your pregnancies are welcome...


Liz Jimenez said...

Ooh, you're lucky heartburn only just kicked in! Mine started around 20 or so weeks. At first Tums helped, then I had to switch to taking a Zantac every morning (OB said it was OK). That helped keep it at bay. By the end, I was using both. Tons of fun.

Oh, and I had a spectacular waddle by the end, there. And the swollen extremities were not to be believed. Just don't freak out if the swelling gets temporarily worse post-delivery, that's normal. It took about two weeks after they were born to really see my ankles again.

Nancy said...

Aww! I feel your pain! I have TB (Tiny Bladder) to begin with (confirmed by one of the ultra sound techs - she was quite amazed I didn't have to run to the bathroom hourly...), so the nightly trips toward the end were NUMEROUS. That whole beached whale feeling trying to get out of bed was lovely. :)

And yup - the swelling. I totally freaked my family out about a month before I delivered because my ankles swelled up so much!

I didn't have much heartburn, but there's an old wives tale that it means your kid(s) will come out with a full head of hair! Be interesting to see if that's true for you :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Goddess, the worst swelling is yet to come post-delivery. Nothing like a few bags of iv fluids to plump you up even more! My right food was for some reason much more swollen than my left, but they both could have been modeled by the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.

Another fun late pregnancy experience: by my 7th month or so, I could no longer open/close the bathroom stall door at work without smacking my belly. I had to start using the handicap stall. Still do, just because I like the roominess :-).

Eva said...

Just found your blog through goddess. How exciting you're having twins as well. I definitely had all of those symptoms. My embarrassing thing is that in the last trimester, I needed a stepstool to climb into bed, and then to get out of bed, I had to dangle my legs off the side while still laying down, then rock my legs to use momentum to get my upper body upright.

There were extra symptoms after the birth, but all in all, I was happy to meet the kiddos and get my body back. Good luck!

Krissy said...

I had several embarassing pregnancy-related things happen...the first time I realized my enormous belly and I no longer could fit in a booth was right up there as I had to ask for a table! Having to move to the handicapped stalls also humbled me.

But the worst was at the very end...I went 39 weeks, my kids weighed a combined 14 1/2 lbs, my uterus measured 48 weeks and I was HUGE. I was walking past restraunts with my husband and people started talking behind their hands and pointing at me. Talk about embarrassing. I was very close to yelling to the awestruck crowd "there are two in here!" but I refrained.

Heartburn stinks. I hope the babies shift so it goes away.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know what heartburn was either until I was preg with J. Tums didn't really do much for it. But it was never so horrendous that I wanted stronger meds, luckily. The peeing at night was definitely annoying, though I have a pretty big bladder so I suppose it could have been a lot worse.

Sorry to hear about the swelling and the waddle. I bet you are adorable regardless!!

H said...

i've been having a lot of evening heartburn- maybe it's sympathy for you, or just the junk that i've been eating!

Lee Denis said...

My worst sympton was a very awful rash right around my tummy in the last month of my pregnancy. It itched like crazy and when I asked my OB about it she basically said that there was a long scientific name for it that basically meant very itchy pregnancy rash. Hope you stay rash free.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the heartburn. I was on anti-heartburn meds prior to getting pregnant and the OB told me not to even think about stopping them. They do, however, work fantastically.

My worst symptom---when I started growing out of my maternity clothing. The bottom strip of tummy....not sexy on a (really) pregnant lady. Not sexy at all. But by 34 weeks or so, I only had about two tops left that were long enough to cover that tummy. I saved them for going out.

And my feet after the c section? Freaky. Wish someone had prepared me for that.