Monday, July 21, 2008

Isn't it August?

I swear it has been August for a month already. I was actually excited to come to work today for the A/C. Ours is being installed this week so I have a feeling Mommy, Esq. may be working less after this week.

Husband and I ran a few errands this weekend and tried to do some babies prep but didn't do all that much thanks to the insane heat. I tried to keep the blood sugar under my limits (did a pretty good job too). We had dinner with friends at Central Kitchen but not until after our friends stuffed us full of appetizers (I stuck to protein only appetizers - meat and shrimp) so we didn't have a fabulous meal at the restaurant (too full) although I loved my mini lobster roll. I seriously miss desert. I also totally empathize with diabetics now. It is rough to be constantly jabbing yourself with a needle to draw blood for the tests.

We did go to Linens n' Things (which last I heard was in bankruptcy so might not be around for long). There were tons of items to help get your kids ready to head off to dorm life (another reason it felt like August to me). The sight of the beds in a bag and other campus necessities pushed me down the path of memory lane to when I started college now oh so many years ago.

I know several moms of twins read this blog and they may have a hard time imagining their little ones heading off to college but it happens. My sisters and I did not even apply to the same school. We also did not apply to any schools in Massachusetts. For me and Stacey (who look alike) this was our chance to be totally independent without someone confusing us. And living far from Mom and Dad meant for all three of us that we could do things on our own terms (not that my parents at all smothered us).

My parents made 3 separate trips from Boston to drop us off - first Allie in Virginia, then Stacey in Pittsburgh and finally me in Washington, D.C. - all by car. God, my parents are great. Being the last to be dropped off my mom did not cry (she did for Allie and Stacey). They also stayed an extra day to unwind and didn't bother telling me so they didn't have to deal with me. :) Perfectly okay with me.

I have many, many fun college memories but I will say that the thrill of being "on my own" for the first time was amazing. I did tell people I was a triplet but until they had met my sisters no one really knew what that meant (especially to me and Stacey who look so much alike) - it was more like a fun fact you share as getting to know you conversations.

I like to think that I will be providing my kids with some unique insights to being a multiple. It is different since they are boy/girl twins but I understand how important it is to encourage their independence as they get older while also making sure they share and have good teamwork skills. I think it is less important whether you dress them the same (go ahead, they look so cute and I love the photos from when we were little) so long as you let them pick their own clothes when they decide they want to. My mom also made sure she didn't constantly mediate all fights - it forced us to work our own disputes out - which can be tough when it was always 1 against 2 - but you certainly learn to stick up for yourself!

If my readers have any questions about "what is/was it like" to be a triplet in any respect let me know - I'm happy to share my experiences as a child and now as an adult. Just post your question in the comment section. Also, feel free to post any thoughts you have as to how you'll parent your multiples.


A. said...

I believe Mom did more than "cry" when she dropped me off - the way Dad has told it, there were sobs and wails. For many hours. You may tell it as driving fatigue, but I know the truth. They love me more.

See, MoMs, that's an important lesson right there. No matter how much your twins or trips love each other, they will compete with each other, too. For the rest of their lives. Long after "winning" can be defined as who had the higher GPA (me), or who ran the faster mile (MommyEsq), or who could read the fastest (Stacey). Just go with it - hopefully it will help them be very successful at whatever they decide to do in life.

Stacey said...

Mom totally didn't cry for me. Looks like Allie is right that they love her best :-)

I second the competitive aspects but it will probably be different for boy/girl twins or really for twins in general. Being a multiple is very cool but you need to make sure that each person has his or her own identity. The three of us had very different interests and ended up in very different careers. That helped us to stay friends even while being competitive.

Freshman year of college I had another triplet (identical) on my floor. What are the odds of that? I also met a set of twins that not only went to the same school but lived together and had the same major. That kind of gives me the willies.

Nancy said...

LOL you three crack me up :)

I have b/g twins, so I'm not as worried about the individuality as much as I would have been if they were the same sex. (I'm betting on more competition between my boys rather than my twins.)

MommyEsq - thanks so much for the invitation. I'm sure I'll take you up on that at some point, I just can't think of anything right now. (And just had to comment cuz you guys are too funny).

Anonymous said...

Having had the pleasure of knowing MommyEsq as well as her sisters for several years, I can say in all honesty that they are extraordinary women. Certainly some of the credit goes to Mom and Dad for that. But I also think that the fact that you grew up with two people who always had your back allowed you to grow in different directions while still remaining close. Competition and cheering squad all rolled into one. Very cool. :-)

A. said...

I dated another triplet, so beat that, Stacey! J/K (about the competition. I really did date a triplet)! :-)

And what crapshack said is true, too - I have built-in best friends, and that's a wonderful support network to have.

Liz Jimenez said...

OK, I'm beyond jealous at your upcoming A/C installation. Roasting over here... :-)

H said...

I cried way more than my mother did, what does that say.....

Anonymous said...

How many times have men asked if you'd be willing to do a threesome or 4some with your sisters?