Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Day At a Time

Yesterday I met with the nurse to go over how to use the glucose meter and related items (especially the lancet which pokes you to draw the blood). I'm very pleased she offered to meet with me and that helps ease some of my recent concerns with the treatment I've received at the practice.

I haven't met with the nutritionist yet but I have had to start keeping track of my blood. In fact in about 30 minutes I have to test. I can already tell that carbs are evil. I'm trying to come up with a list of items that are easy prep (or preferably no prep) to have on hand in the kitchen. On the upside I guess I should get used to no ice cream to lose the baby weight after they are born. On the downside I'm very afraid to eat in general. For example I'm still a little hungry but it is only 30 mins from when I need to test so I'm holding off eating something. I've also noticed the babies move more when I'm hungry.

Although exhaustion is a sign of GD as the books have mentioned it is difficult to tell the difference between that and regular pregnancy exhaustion. I can basically do about 2 to 3 tasks a day and today it was seeing off my friends and picking up the kitchen so I couldn't make it into work. I'm hoping to find some energy to go grocery shopping.

The bad thing about the level of exhaustion is that Husband's to do list keeps getting longer since I can't do things. He's been stressed at work so this is leading us to be griping at each other instead of enjoying the quiet and getting excited for the kids. Plus I worry about stuff getting done since as much as I love him he isn't very good about plowing through a to do list.

We had friends staying with us last night and I just didn't have the energy to get the house picked up and then we had other friends over for an impromptu barbecue and I just threw up my hands and gave up. I know I shouldn't worry about it but my mom always taught me to pick up and present a good front before guests come over (Mommy, Esq. picked up, not Husband picked up). Despite the expense I'm thinking of increasing the visits from our cleaner to once a week (currently we are twice a month).

If anyone has tips how we can get through the giant list we have to do before these kids appear I am all ears! Plus how to keep our level of frustration down as we wait for landscaping to be done, A/C installed and my increasing lack of mobility.


brittae said...

Don't worry. Everyone gets tired, especially pregnant women (with twins). No one expects you to be the hostess with the mostest. It's good practice for when people visit after the babies come!
Plus, I lived with L in Sweden for a year and trust me - she doesn't mind messes. :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, mama. No one expects your house to be spotless. Heck, may as well get used to it, your house will probably never be clean again with 2 kiddos running around. (We are pretty much one step ahead of the Health Department at my house... That's all I can manage.)