Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's Cooking? My Insulin Levels

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote. I swear I've been busy but I'm not quite sure what with. Mommy-brain is kicking in early.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound and doctor's visit. I had to wait an hour past my appointment time for the ultrasound and another hour before I saw Dr. Whatscooking -I think I was there for 4 hours total. The good news is that both tykes are healthy. The each weigh around 3lbs 8 ounces, the 35% percentile and we could see them "practice" their breathing which the ultrasound doctor said was really great for fetal development. Go, kids! I also let Husband skip this round of ultrasound/doctor's appointment to earn points that will be cashed in at some future date.

Baby Boy A is breach and Baby Girl B is partially transverse (basically her feet are under the opposite rib cage). That means they have not moved position in about 3 weeks. I asked Dr. Whatscooking what that would mean if I went into labor and he did a chopping motion with my hand and made a noise to indicate they'd be cut out. Like I've said before he doesn't have much of a bedside manner. Good thing I'm not worried (much) about a C-Section - I would imagine his noise/motion would have set off any other woman who wanted a vaginal birth.

When I met with Dr. Whatscooking's nurse before he came in I was clear that I could not longer wait more than an hour each time I wanted to see him. She promised that she'd see what she could do about getting me the first appointment each morning - unfortunately someone beat me to the punch so I have 9:15 for the next few weeks - we are up to weekly appointments. So help me God if they make me wait next time I am DEFINITELY switching doctors. Given that he spends 10-15 mins with me each time I just don't understand the problem.

Now for the bad news - I have gestational diabetes. I "flunked" my second sugar test. This means I had to get a glucose meter and various sundries to make the meter work and I'll have to be closely monitoring my diet. I put Husband in charge of that because frankly I'm really tired of having to make all the decisions in this pregnancy. He hasn't found too much info but I also have to meet with a nutritionist next week. I think I need to eat foods higher in fiber, protein and less carbs. I love carbs. If the diet doesn't affect the sugar levels then I'd have to go on insulin.

I also asked Dr. Whatscooking about when they would no longer "prevent" birth - 34 weeks - so I'm there in just 2 weeks. Unreal. I better start nesting! But since I have a very long cervix he doesn't think there is much indication for preterm labor (even though GD can cause preeclampsia). The women at my MOT group last night told me that they all thought they'd make it to 38 weeks but nature has a way of taking control and inducing labor early.

The other good news is that I mentioned to Dr. Whatscooking that I was "slowing down" and was there any way I could get a note from him to help me go on disability at work if I needed it. He said most of his MOTs stop working around 28 weeks (I'm at 31.5 weeks) and that he'd be happy to do whatever I needed. I still have a lot to do to get organized at work but I might move my date up a little (was planning on August 15th being my last day of work). Now I need to jump the hurdle that is HR to find out how it will work.

The Swedes stay with us tonight so I need to scramble around the house to get it ready for their arrival. With this whole GD onset and being so tired I've decided that pregnancy is a full time job and leaves basically no time for work or household chores.


Krissy said...

xuWow! I am shocked that your doctors wouldn't try to stop labor past 34 weeks! My doc's were so much more strict...I had a whole day of 3 min. apart contractions that couldn't be stopped, and they still wouldn't "help" me! And I was almost at 37 weeks!

I think the current info on twin births are: 50% are 36weeks or before, 50% are after. I had my scheduled c (my son (A) was breech) and daughter (B) was transverse) at 39 weeks. I never thought I would make it that long, but I guess someone has to be the other 50%!

I am sorry to hear about the GD. That stinks. I hope the change in diet does the trick.

T. said...

I have of course researched this topic at length, since I am somewhat concerned about GD when I get pregnant. You are 100% correct that you need to limit carbs, and incorporate both protein and fiber (think green leafy vegetables) into every single meal (this is true to maintain normal insulin levels regardless of pregnancy). The nutritionist will hopefully give you lots of ideas and recommendations - I am very curious what he/she will say. See if they can "design" a sample meal plan for you - will take some of the effort out of it for you. If you could post some diet tips after your appointment, that would be excellent.

Nicole said...

Just a quick comment on the fact that you're thinking of pushing up your end date at work. I think that's GREAT, and I hope you take full advantage of your doc's willingness to write the note. In the last 2 months, you've probably worked the equivalent of 4 normal-person months. You totally deserve to take some time to yourself to rest and prepare for the babies. That said, I will really miss you at work whenever you do decide to go!!

Stacey said...

Sorry to hear about the GD. Great opportunity to learn to eat better though. Question for you: you spoke to the nurse about the timing issues with your appointments but did you also nail doctor whatscooking? Your time is equally valuable and you need to TELL HIM that! A nurse won't do it for you.

Anonymous said...

Of course I am also going to put in a plug for exercise as part of GD treatment. Even a little bit of walking can do wonders to regulate blood sugar.

I really think you need to give Dr. Whatscooking a piece of your mind. He needs to know that it's unacceptable to keep you waiting. Maybe you should send HIM a bill for your time spent in the waiting room. What does your firm bill you at? $350+ per hour? That ought to get his attention.

Almostima said...

My friend just went through GD with a singleton. Let me know if you want to brainstorm about yummy recipes that will work with the new diet. One such recipe that I passed along is the best broccoli cheese soup I've EVER had!