Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bringing Home Babies

I obsessively watched "Bringing Home Baby" on TLC for a few weeks before the kids were born. There is also a Canadian version "The Baby Diaries" on Discovery Health that is a bit better because it shows couples actually stressed - a little less formulaic than the TLC programs.

Yesterday was our version. We were out of the hospital by 11:00 am and I decided to pump before we left because I was worried how long it would take to discharge us. The pediatrician checked out the kids, they made me sign some paper work (primarily relating to car seat safety and what sort of warning signs to call a doctor about). I was actually glad they make you sign something! As a lawyer it is hard for me to imagine you can produce two human beings and take them home without any legal paperwork.

After all your wonderful advice about taking hospital items we did just that - diapers, wipes, sample size items (mainly bath), accoutrements (thermometers), whatever was in their bassinets except for linens - the clothes and the swaddling blankets. We did take the adorable hats though. I sort of wanted to take some blankets but I know they wash and reuse those so it wouldn't be fair to take those. Husband had to make 4 trips to the car before all that was left was the diaper bag and the 2 babies with car seats. I would probably recommend to other moms that they have someone help their husbands (another family member or friend) to help speed things along since just getting us to the car used up all my energy for the day.

Here are some photos of the room, along with Husband caring the kids in the car seats. The car seats are incredibly heavy. Husband had to stop several times to put them down and give his arms a break (it was a pretty long walk to the garage - the equivalent of about 2-3 blocks). My nerves were pretty frayed by the time we got on the road in our minivan now with filled car seats and I almost cried when some jerk cut us off and almost ran into us to beat us onto Storrow Drive. There was also lots of me telling Husband to "slow down". It will be a while before I feel confident driving my precious cargo around.

My mom stayed on Friday night to help us since Marlene (our baby nurse) doesn't arrive until Saturday night. We also had the cat meet the kids. I didn't think much about what her reaction would be, but when Scotia sniffed Ned in the papasan on the floor she backed away nervously and ran when he made too many noises. She's been nervous ever since.

I also read somewhere that crew socks stay on better than the infant socks - and they look so cute in them - very Bermuda style. Now if we can only find hats that will stay on...


Monica Marino said...

Oh, sounds like a wonderful coming-home! I'm glad to see you're doing so well. Hope things continue to go well- I am proud of you. Breastfeeding is HARD! Good work sticking it out!

H said...

#1- i love the word, accroutement

#2- the cat is always nervous, but i'm pretty confident that she will be making less appearances in the land of humans

#3- good job, sounds like you are off to a great start

Liz Jimenez said...

Welcome home, kiddos and parents! I hope things go reasonably smoothly. They're just entirely too cute! You'll be amazed how soon they outgrow those little hats, though.

glitter girl said...

Welcome home! You're going to build up some big muscles carrying those carseats! I can remember carrying them BOTH on my left arm so I had a free arm to open doors -- good thing they start out tiny!

I'm jealous that you have a baby nurse!!!

Gretchen said...

sounds like you're totally getting the hang of this parenting thing! just throw a ribbon every once in a while and the cat will be a-okay. I like the picture with her trapped on the couch between the babes. Can't wait to hear how baby nurse induction goes!