Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Calendar

This is the 100th post on my blog! How exciting - think I can syndicate? I've loved blogging - Husband never thought I would keep it up but I think it is thanks to all my wonderful readers and their interesting comments that keep me going.

I have a doctor's appointment today that I will blog about this afternoon but in an attempt to get organized for LWB (Life With Babies) I decided to start a "family calendar". The requirements were that it had to be online so it could be updated by both of us and easy to use. For right now I am trying Google's calendar feature. We will put in anything relating to the kids plus our travel or unusual work obligations and visitor schedule. I've been trying to line up visitors and keep track of them.

There are some features I don't love. For example, each entry shows up in red - I wish I could color code (of course then I might forget what the coding is for). Also, I wish I could "forward" from my work Outlook so I don't have to retype in work obligations. I can't "share" my work calendar on Outlook with Husband because of attorney-client privilege (plus I doubt I could do it anyway). An online tool was key so our (future) nanny would be able to access it too and update as necessary.

I hope to print up a schedule every Sunday night for the following week. Of course my work schedule changes dramatically from day to day but for the next 6 months this should hopefully work. Now Husband can't tell me - "oh, I thought I told you I was going to X". It only counts if he put in it in the calendar!

What did you find worked for your family?


H said...

I'll take bets on how long you maintain this.....

Nancy said...

PAPER!! My mom gave us the Mom's Family Calendar (Sandra Boynton - LOVE her books!) http://www.amazon.com/Moms-Family-Calendar-Sandra-Boynton/dp/0761145613

It's posted on the door to go out and has a spot for Mom and then you write in the names of everyone else. It took a little bit of getting used to a calendar where the dates run down the side...but I'm *loving* it. I can see at a glance as I run out the door what everyone has going on for the day.

Mike doesn't write on it, but if I know he's got things going on, I'll put them on his "block"

Our Nanny doesn't write things on it either, but I know she looks to see if there are play dates, appointments, classes...stuff like that.

Bessa said...

We use outlook, but don't "share" our work calendars. We just "invite" the other person to all personal events, out of town items, and changes to the drop-off/pick-up schedule. It works really well for us. I have a Google Calendar, too, but it was too much for me to maintain two calendars.
It would probably work to "invite" your home computer's Outlook to things, too, so the nanny can see them.

Anonymous said...

We are not organized enough to keep a calendar. We rely on our spotty capacity to remember things. :-)