Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

Husband noticed I didn't post yesterday. While I argued that I posted on Tuesday afternoon and I wanted to give everyone time to assimilate the news of my scheduled C-Section he does have a point. See, I am boring right now so I don't have much to say. I do a few minor work items each day (can't break the habit), write a couple of thank you notes and watch lots of TV. I do manage to play a housewife from time to time - our kitchen is picked up every day and I started dinner twice this week. But the feetloaves hurt and are a good excuse to do nothing. The last items to finish are (1) pack hospital bag and (2) finish thank yous. I wonder if I am dragging my feetloaves so I don't finish up and then the kids decide "time to arrive"!

Tonight Husband and I are meeting up with our baby nurse for dinner. She's working with a family west of Boston and is all lined up to come stay with us on August 30th - or earlier if they come earlier.

One bit if Firm news - we were ranked high in a recent survey of Best Firms to work for by a very reputable publication. That should help with recruiting (which I will miss this fall because I'll be home with the tykes - I love recruiting season - the candidates are all so eager!). I may complain but I would agree my Firm is a good place to work with lots of opportunities if you stick it out to midlevel associate. I can also say that very easily since they've been so cooperative about time off (most of it paid).

Finally, my sister Allie wrote a cute post about new cousins for her son. I should remind her that Finn will continue to be a rockstar because he lives far from Grammie and Bumpa - but I'll get more help since I live only a few towns away. I wonder what kind of trouble-maker things Finn learns at day care that he'll pass on to my kids.


Nancy said...

I'm still digesting the news that they'll be here soon...So glad that you have your baby nurse all lined up!! That's got to be a relief. :)

Your sister's post was really cute - I love a sense of humor in blogs.

I'm gonna try to make it to COPE on Tuesday...are you going?

A. said...

You know, you don't have to post every day. It's a habit you likely won't be able to keep up once the babies are here. Why get us used to being spoiled with your time and attention when it can't last? :-)

Anonymous said...

Why is Husband not performing his duty to massage your feetloaves?!