Monday, August 11, 2008

No Sunday Blues

I haven't had the "Sunday Blues" in quite some time - and no reason to have them last night either since I am not actually going to work today. I have a few work calls today but I've handed off the baton on my deals so I'm just listening in for moral support and to provide tips.

My grandmother called to offer items to "keep me busy". Thanks, Mimi - but after 5+ years of too much of that and more to come once the tykes arrive I intend to keep a low profile. I will write those thank you notes that are woefully overdue but I'll also watch lots of Olympics. Her suggestion involved knitting but to be honest I am not a craft person - never have been. I'm more of a corporate lawyer. :)

It made me laugh this weekend to receive a Christmas card family photo from one of my favorite partners at the firm. She finally sent them out with new contact info because they are moving to Hong Kong (she'll be heading up our office there). Sounds like something I would do - have them made and never send them. I miss the old days when you could ask your secretary or wife to do those things. Ha!

And thank you to the Zimmers for our visit to the Zimmer Zoo - we had a lovely time and promise exposure to so many twins won't change our mind (too late for that!).


Nancy said...

Glad you guys had fun...maybe next time we'll open it up for the MOTS instead of just the DOTS group - imagine how many twins would be there then! YIKES!!

Nancy said...

Oh - and I just "tagged" you - something fun to fill in your newly found free time ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you have a crafty side. You just haven't gotten in touch with it. ;-)