Monday, August 11, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

Nancy, our weekend barbecue hostess, has "tagged" me and good thing since otherwise I would have bored you all with photos of my new minivan.

The subject is….“6 UN-spectacular things about me”

  • Link the person who tagged you.
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  • Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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1. In honor of the Olympics I will confide that I have zero athletic ability. Maybe it was being a very premature kid but really I think genetics has a lot to do with it. I was actually co-captain of cross country in my high school but since there were 4 of us as captains it wasn't that special. Somewhere I have 3 letters for cross country and track and field (or maybe 4) but you got those for showing up too. Good thing since I only ran varsity once and came in last.

2. I do not cook. And honestly, you don't want me too. I'll probably complain the whole time and still manage to read the recipe wrong. If needed I can do appetizers - if left to my own devices we'd eat like the mom in Moonstruck did.

3. I like talk radio - mainly NPR and Mattie in the Morning. Drives Husband crazy so we compromise - no NPR (too liberal for him) and he'll tolerate Mattie in the Morning. Since after the kids are born we are commuting separately this won't be a problem going forward.

4. I am not big on "music" - see #3. I'll listen to most of Husband's picks (he's into British rock) but I hate Pearl Jam. Oddly though I love XM Radio - they have stations that do a good job mixing music I remember from my youth so I can sing along. We just got BareNaked Ladies' Snack Time CD for the kids and that is pretty good (if you decide to buy it use our Amazon link on the right so we earn some money for the kids 529 plans).

5. I believe Netflix is for renting television shows. Like Nancy I am a couch potato but I will carry around a little DVD player to the kitchen or bedroom to "watch" terrible teeny bopper shows while organizing and picking up my house.

6. I like to play craps in Vegas with my Husband. He has fun and we play cheap tables so we can play for a while. In fact, I love Vegas - I think the first "non-kid" trip we take will be there - just because I can't think of a more fitting "un-kid" type place.

I hereby tag: Theresa at Boston Dish, Gret at Dandelion Garden, Allie at Uncontrolled Experiment, Sarah, Jersey Girl and Helen at 90210 Gossip.

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