Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Husband and I spent Saturday running some errands. I added "buy minivan" to our To Do List since he has been waffling on buying one. To be honest it's not like I really want one either but consensus is that we will not all fit in the Honda Accord so we have to find something more practical rather than my sinking money in my Accord to fix the stereo/brakes and then just turn around in a few weeks and buy a minivan anyway.

Husband thought I was being sly slipping it in our List like that but we did go to a few places and will be the (reluctantly) proud owners of a minivan by Monday. Husband will post about our experiences - he is very good with negotiating and knows lots of their "tricks" since he used to do work for GM (as a client at his prior job). I think we got a good deal and even pushed some on my own since I was annoyed by the "sales approach" used by the final place we went to (and bought at) - Atamian.

We also saw friends for dinner at Scampo - which is part of the very swanky Liberty Hotel (formerly a prison). I'll be sending Theresa a review for her Boston Dish blog on Monday but let's just say it was awesome.

My addiction to the Olympics is back in full swing. I think the commentary/back stories have only made me cry twice so far but it is early yet. Beach volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, diving and track and field (when they start) are all fabulous. I don't think I'd ever flip on ESPN to watch beach volleyball necessarily but I was totally engrossed when the USA team had their asses handed to them by Lithuania (although USA isn't out yet since it is "pool" play). At least the USA team had the good sense to admit they played like idiots in the post-game interview. And the Women's May/Walsh team is amazing - I remember them from the Athens games. I've been taping and watching on off times so I can skip commercials and buzz through things I'm not interested in.

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Anonymous said...

We're all about the Olympics here too! I like swimming, diving, gymnastics, and track. Good luck with the new minivan!