Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's Cooking? Low Weights

Dr. Whatscooking was on time today! I'm already at work and it isn't even 10:30 am. First up was an ultrasound. Both the ultrasound technician and then the ultrasound doctor had a hard time measuring Baby Boy - he's down in the right corner (heads up as he has been for about 2 months) and is being overshadowed by his sister. Hmm...I'll have to make sure that isn't a pattern in their lives. The women in my family tend to be very dominant. At one point there was this red sound line with a "whoosh, whoosh" that the doctor displayed for Baby A. I found out later from Dr. Whatscooking that it was to measure the blood flow through the umbilical cord.

Baby A is only 4 lbs and Baby B 4 lbs 5 ounces. This puts poor little A in the 10% - a warning zone for fetuses. He has only grown about 1/2 lb in 3 weeks which isn't very much. The result is weekly ultrasounds going forward. Dr. Whatscooking assured me the other "indicators" - movement, amniotic fluid, blood flow through umbilical cord are fine. In truth I was hoping that both would be around 5 lbs. I know it is so much more difficult to establish a breastfeeding routine if they are in the NICU and/or very tiny and given how healthy my pregnancy has been (notwithstanding the GD) I really wanted to have them nice and big and ready to take home after my surgery recovery. The irony that babies tend to be larger when the mom has GD is not lost on me. Husband (who did not come) insisted I mention the clumsiness - I have dropped 2 glasses of water and 1 cup of coffee in the last couple of weeks. I don't know what Husband is talking about - I've always been clumsy. The only difference is now he has to clean it up. :)

Dr. Whatscooking said it is time to schedule the C-Section - for 36 or 37 weeks (I'm at week 34). Yikes! Sounds like he does want to move it up a little despite "not being worried" about the weight of the kids. If babies aren't growing well they deliver early in the hopes that the kids will grow more quickly outside the womb. He'll let me know the date next visit. They did not encourage earlier bed rest so next Tuesday is my last day at work but I'm really going to be done this Friday.

Yesterday I somehow hurt my back. I certainly haven't been doing much so no idea how that happened but I pinched a nerve or hurt a muscle or something. I ended up sleeping in the guest room (well, sleep is a stretch) last night which confused the cat who slept in the hallway to be between Husband and me. The bed in the guest room is lower and the mattress firmer. No, it is definitely not "back labor" - it is only in one spot and lying on my side aggravates it (fun!). I did have to take Tylenol around 3 am since I was getting very cranky which I was hoping to avoid - believe it or not I have not taken any medicine (cold, pain reliever, etc.) this whole pregnancy. Tylenol seems to control the pain so I'll be taking it until it clears up.

Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday about what to bring to the hospital. I was frightened by a few items I looked up (A, peri bottle? shudder - don't think it is relevant though for C-Section). I'll be packing my bag this weekend so keep those suggestions rolling in!


LauraC said...

Unfortunately, a peri bottle is relevant for a c-section (surprise to me too!) but they will give you one at the hospital. And have the nurse help you the first time and use WARM WATER. I had no idea if you had a c-section you still have the bleeding afterwards. Double suck.

We kept the bag in the car after we packed it. Good thing bc a standard u/s turned into the birth!

Nancy said...

Oh - I just remembered something...I don't know what kind of car seats you'll have, but the hospital may want to do a car seat test before they let you leave the hospital (where the babies have to sit in the car seat and they monitor the oxygen levels to be sure that they can breathe properly in them). If you have the kind of seat where the base is in the car and the car seats come out - not a problem, just bring the seats in when they request them.

And yup - Peri bottle is necessary for the C-section...another thing the hospital provides.

And TOTALLY empty out both kids' bed-drawers when you leave (thermometer, nasal aspirator, butt cream if they used it, etc...) The nurses won't use most of that on other kids and will just throw it away.

Drew and Emily said...

Another thing...make sure to request all the free samples, even the formula. I was able to breastfeed until my son quit at 10 months then use all the free sample formulas for a couple weeks before i had to buy any. I also snatched the baby shirts and hats that he wore in the hospital and made a shadow boy with them.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I have to echo the others, sadly, a peri bottle is necessary either way. There are some not so pretty sides of childbirth.

As for the hospital bag---I used very little. I stayed in hospital gowns, but had a sweatshirt I wore sometimes. Also, a phone, charger, camera, some magazines (things like US Weekly are great---your attention span will be short). A maternity outfit to wear home, carseats and something for the kiddos to wear home if they are coming home with you. Oh, and any medication you take, if you take any. And shampoo/soap etc...

Other than that, it's like staying in a (very expensive, very crappy) hotel---they provide most stuff for you.

Krissy said...

My husband and I WAY overpacked...I took too many changes of clothes, as I knew I wouldn't want to be in the hospital gown, and I wasn't sure if it would be too hot/cold, etc. Anyway, with two bassinets in the room, my bed, my husbands fold out chair, flowers and gifts, we could hardly move! I packed a huge amount of pads, which I didn't need to pack. They have awesome, huge pads at the hospital. And the bleeding was heavy, so these pads and goofy underware were perfect.

I am getting excited for you! Way to go 34 weeks!

The Goverczyks said...

Hi Kristin! Long time, no communication. I can't believe that 2 of the 5 guys in the Arlington house are ending up with twins. How are you doing?

Aaron pointed me in the direction of your blog. I have one too, its goverczyk.blogspot.com. We should talk!

Sarah Luczyk (sarahluczyk@yahoo.com)

Sally said...

I would recommend bringing at least two outfits with legs for each of the babies to wear home. We only brought one and, of course, Henry peed on his outfit right before we were leaving and he had to come home wearing two of the little hospital shirts - one as a shirt, one as pants.