Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's Cooking? Slow Simmer

This time the ultrasound was the delay (1.25 hours of wait time). Since they don't usually make me wait and I am not working I tried to be better spirited about it than I usually am. It helped that Dr. Whatscooking took me right away.

The ultrasound technician did not check the babies' size - they wait a couple of weeks in between since the results are more a "range" than a precise science. Instead she made sure both were moving and checked Baby A's blood flow through the placenta - was within normal ranges. Baby B is also technically breach (I was thinking more transverse but their heads are together - above my belly button and to the left if you are looking at me directly).

I put on 2 lbs in 1 week (yikes!) and my BP was 110/70. Dr. Whatscooking was pleased with my blood sugar levels - he wasn't fussed about some of my (occasionally intentional) slip ups.

The surgery is scheduled for Monday, August 25th at 1:30 pm. He only operates on Monday (and only sees patients on Tuesday - what is the rest of his time - golf?) and all the morning slots were taken. I am going to ask my dad exactly how many hours I should go without eating - I don't think 13+ hours is a viable option for me. God, I'd be a bear. I'd probably be crying before they even cut me open!

I told Husband he could NOT work on that Monday morning. You may laugh but the man won't even come to my doctor's appointments anymore since his boss told him that his taking 3 weeks off showed a "lack of commitment" to his job. I think he should tell his boss to stuff it (or quit). I hope he is more committed to me and the kids than his job. Can you tell the asshat is single?

My mom came today to help me finish organizing the nursery but now my feetloaves are huge so I'm going to put them up and watch some Olympics.


Nicole said...

My brother's birthday is August 25! It's a great birthday : )
Wow, officially less than 2 weeks, how exciting.

Liz Jimenez said...

Holy cow, that's so soon! Are you excited? I know it was so nice when I finally had an end date (even though they came earlier than that).

And I have to giggle every time you say "feetloaves." It's such a perfect way to describe them. Ugh, not pleasant memories! I remember they were so swollen my skin hurt... Good times!

Glad everything is looking good on the ultrasounds. Always nice to get a thumbs-up on the progress and know everyone seems to be doing well in there.

T. said...

A date! OMG, so exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 8/25-- that's coming up so soon! Excited for you!!!

What A Card said...

Oh wow, an official date! Congrats!

And poopy to your husband's boss. Jerk.

Anonymous said...

It must feel great to have a date set! Don't make the mistake I did and eat too much for dinner the night before and not eat later that night at about 11:30pm right before the food cut-off. I was one cranky b*tch waiting for my 2pm c-section!

Looking forward to seeing you before the babies arrive!

Gretchen said...

Can I actually mark it on my calendar? That doesn't jinx anything and make you pop tomorrow does it? Yippeee!