Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birth Order; Hearing Test

On How Do You Do It there was a recent post on birth order. I took the quiz and it said I was likely a First Born. I know I tend to try to make people happy but also order people around- more of a mix of characteristics I think. Interesting since I am the youngest of a set of girl triplets and I have a younger brother too. I think Stacey definitely has middle child characteristics (e.g., worried about fairness) and that we both consider Allison the "older" sister. Her word tends to be the final on a subject matter. I dated a guy once and she didn't like him and very soon after that I ended it. Husband was glad he passed the "sisters test".

I forget all the time that Edmund is older than Penelope. She is at least half a pound heavier and looks bigger so I think of her as the oldest. I think it also has something to do with how she sleeps well, eats well and really only fusses when it comes time to eat or get changed. If I baby Ned (which I definitely do) then he'll probably act like the youngest even if he is technically the oldest. I think it also makes a difference how often the parents refer to the birth order for their multiples. Since my sisters and I were all girls it happened more than it probably does with boy/girl twins. My mom always referred to us by our birth order and often things were parceled out in that order, we were lined up for photos in that order, etc.

Just like not thinking of my kids as "twins" I am probably not going to refer to their birth order very often.

I also wanted to let you know about Penelope's hearing test. We had to be at Mass Eye and Ear by 11 am last Thursday. Penny had to be ready to eat and go to sleep for the test which could take a couple of hours depending on her since she had to be asleep the whole time. It was a lot of pressure to get that letter of instructions - I have no real power over "spacing" out their feedings. As an aside Husband was a bit miffed because the letter that came was addressed to Penelope [My Last Name] instead of his because the hospital set up the appointment and all records are tied to my name. I made sure to fix it when I pre-registered her.

We did their first feeding around 6:30 am and I didn't get a chance to get any more sleep since I had to get ready and get them ready to leave by 10:15 am. Penny was hungry around 8 am so I gave her what I had pumped (about an ounce and a half). We pulled up (to valet parking) at 11:00 am so not too shabby - especially because Storrow Drive was a mess but I realized before we got on the Leverett Connector and went over the Zakim Bridge instead.

Inside we got our first brush with "twin celebrity". Everyone came up to see them. Fortunately my sister Allie was with us. Ned got hungry while we waited in the waiting room so I fed him while Penny slept on. I did have my BF pillow with me - and it is hard to be discrete with the whole blanket thing since I like to see their faces when I feed them.

The doctor explained that Penny would need to have both ears done (even though she only failed in the right ear). We were in an anteroom with a hospital bed in an interior room that felt like a submarine. Penny was so good - I didn't feed her because she stayed asleep the whole time. It only took 45 mins because she did stir from time to time. The doctor put sensors on various parts of her head (including one on her soft spot) and then they place a headphone over her ear (she was swaddled). They measure the electrical impluses through the sensors as they test for sounds. After it was done I fed them both in the anteroom after since they block off 3 hours (!) to do the test. If I had gone alone I wouldn't have been able to bring Ned since I had to be in the room with Penny the whole time. Thankfully Allie kept him occupied (he mostly slept). Just a warning for other twin moms who do this - either bring someone or leave the other twin at home with someone. Everything was fine as I suspect it would be - Penny jumps at sounds so I think she hears fine.

The schedule meant Penny didn't eat for 6 hours! I couldn't believe she slept that long. She is a champion sleeper except when you put her down for "bedtime". She was a little dehydrated (her dent was lower in her soft spot) but she seemed to be fine by the end of the next day.

Tomorrow we are on our own for the first time. Baby Nurse is going back to her home to be sworn in as an American citizen (they only gave her 2 days notice which is weird and cost her a fortune to fly home). Wednesday is when Husband's parents and sister come to town to meet our tykes!


Liz Jimenez said...

People always ask me which of my kids is "older." Daniel is, by a whole 45 seconds, but this always seems to make people happy because he's both the boy and the bigger one. We'll see how their personalities pan out, but certainly Rebecca is more of a "leader" right now. (Well, are you really a leader if no one is following you?) :-)

I do tend to use birth order as an arbitrary decider on things, sometimes. Usually stuff that doesn't matter in the least, but that's always where my mind goes.

The funny part is that, when I was pregnant, Rebecca was the original Baby A. But neither of them was "engaged," so they kind of floated around and then the bigger Daniel pushed her out of the way and engaged first, so Baby A he became.

Nancy said...

Funny...Maggie is older (by a whole 30 seconds), and even bigger right now (by about 2 pounds!) but we always say "Burke and Maggie" - seems to roll off the tongue easier, I guess.

Glad Penny was so good for you!! Definitely makes life easier when the kids cooperate. Doesn't happen a lot ;)

Good luck today. You'll do just fine. :)

T. said...

I took the quiz and it said I was likely an only child. Smart quiz! You forgot how the people at the doctors visit thought that you and Allie were "together." :-)

Good luck today, you will do great on your own!