Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buss Up Shut

I have a new favorite baked good:  Buss Up Shut.  

As may have been mentioned (I'm too lazy to look), our Baby Nurse is from Trinidad.  She was nice enough to pick us up some Trinidadian food at her favorite place in Boston yesterday.  

And damn, was it good.  The highlight was the Buss Up Shut--a traditional kind of bread.  Buttery and chewy and light and delicious.  (It looks sort of like a pile of rags, hence the name, which is derived from "busted-up shirt.")

I could have enjoyed it plenty just for its delicioscity.  But I liked it even better because it was also a British Imperial history lesson on a plate.  You see, Buss Up Shut is a.k.a. Paratha Roti, which is a traditional Indian (that is, South Asian) bread.  Baby Nurse explained (and CIA World Factbook confirmed) that Trinidad's population is about half Indian.  Apparently the Indians were hired as replacements for black slave labor after 1834.  Makes sense, but I never had any idea.  Very cool.  Now why didn't James/Jan Morris--the single greatest transsexual chronicler of the empire ever--put that in one of his/her books?


Liz Jimenez said...

Oooh! Delish!

Natalie said...

here's the thing, while the bread looks great, on the website it shows a side of curry something or other and any baked good that is a step away from curry is bad news in my book. we all know my thoughts on curry. get it away from me in a hurry!

T. said...

I must try this. You know how I feel about baked goods.

H said...

I'll make sure to mention this fun fact when I start teaching about European exploration and colonization of the Caribbean this week.