Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exhausted and More Details on Nanny Before Bed

One thing I will say about breastfeeding - it exhausts you. I must have fed Ned for three hours this afternoon and he was hungry when I got back from sneaking away for one hour to my Mom of Twins meeting. I'll fill you in more on our current routine later in the week but I am coddling them and will ask at BF group tomorrow if I am doing okay. I would rather marathon feed (especially in the afternoon) than whip out a bottle and pump (as recommended by lactation consultant). I love that I hardly pump right now.

I wanted to mention that we are going with a nanny instead of an Au Pair because (1) we want live out (we have a VERY small house) (2) au pairs are more like foreign exchange students less like nannies - they have limited hours they can work, get home sick, etc. I have two kids to handle, can't do three (four if you count Husband who is pretty self-sufficient). We need someone who can work from about 9 am to 7 pm. I've been trying to get Husband to understand he needs to be home by 6:30 pm but that has not happened 1 day in the last two weeks. And he is the one who has to relieve the nanny.

I have been thinking about an agency as recommended by 10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag but most people I polled at my Big Firm said they used Craig's list. I'll probably call Beacon Hill Nanny which are supposed to be great. I spoke to them last spring (they said I was calling way too early) and I want a sense as to process, cost, etc. To let my readers know I need someone in February. I know I need to start soon finding someone but I have some time to play with. I also think my job would give me extra (unpaid) time if I needed it for nanny arrangements.

I'm also going to test SitterCity to find a babysitter before Baby Nurse leaves. I need someone who can watch the kids while I run errands.


Rebecca said...

It was fun to see you last night---you look great! As for BFing, yep, even if you don't move off the couch all day, you get tired. One thing I learned was EAT, EAT, EAT! Seriously, like 16 year old boy who hasn't eaten in three days eat. That part gets a little easier, as your body gets used to doing all this extra work.

Let us know if you need another visit or dinner....or want to come hang out with some "big" twins.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine used sittercity.com and found a wonderful babysitter. She was very comfortable with the screening done by the company. Good luck!

Natalie said...

you know, i think it takes time to figure out not only the right kind of childcare but the right person because a nanny may be the best way for you to go but it may take some time to determine if the first one you work with is the right one for the long run. Once you have a great partner in a childcare provider, the rest falls into place. Au pairs aren't for everyone, but they work well in alot of situations but I agree that right now that's probably not the best route for you to go down. I have to say that since my last visit I have the urge to see those little faces again, they are addictive.

Monica Marino said...

Breastfeeding is exhausting- but think of the calorie burn! A sneaky secret benefit for you while you're doing all this hard work for your kids.

Have you thought of posting a listing at local universities/ colleges? I know your schedule is not conducive to a typical student, but sometimes night students (education, early childhood, nursing) make great nannies/sitters!

Nancy said...

You looked awesome!! Too bad it was such a short visit though. I gotta figure out when I can come see you (and the kiddos) :)

We found our first and second nannies through craigslist. The second one got us into the "nanny loop" and we've had referrals from one nanny to the next since then. (Yup, 3.5 and we've had 5 nannies. Only one of them sucked though - the first one. And we've had the recent one for over a year now - LOVE her!)

I've also heard good things about care.com - never used it though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, breastfeeding can be tiring, especially in the early days! Drink plenty of water... exhaustion is actually an indicator of dehydration (as well as an indicator of a new mom, lol).

Good luck with the nanny search! I am sure you'll find someone who's right for your family!