Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Father and Son Bonding Time

After Ned ate (his turn on bottle so Husband fed him) - Husband was playing with a wide-awake little boy. He would grab Husband's thumb and pinky and pull Husband's hand to his face. Too cute so I had to share.


Krissy said...

What a cute little boy! I am amazed at your ability to blog so much...I think you will look back on these "early day" posts very fondly.

One of the very first things my husband did with our kids when we came home was to take them for a walk in our snap 'n go. So cool to see your two...it is like a walk down memory lane!

Way to go on the BFing! It is darn hard work, and I think your tenacity is great! The only thing that kept me going was thinking, "If I can just get through these first two weeks." Then it moved to a month, three months, etc. Way to go!

Liz Jimenez said...

Everybody, say it with me now...



T. said...

AHHH!!! I can't handle the cuteness!!

Anonymous said...


What a proud daddy!! Great photos! Ned AND Husband are both cute!!!