Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Family Walk

On Monday (Labor Day) Baby Nurse suggested we try to take the babies outside for a walk. Since I haven't been outside in a week except to walk to and from the car and the hospital I was up for it. There are only so many reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 I can watch in one day.

Of course it took us longer to get the kids in the stroller than the walk I was able to take - I am a very slow walker right now. We also don't live on much of a neighborhood street so sadly there were no neighbors out to see what a cute picture we presented. Once I get my strength back we'll try to walk part of the nearby lake (that has a sidewalk but not within walking distance). [To see larger photos just click on each picture.]

Upon returning home I sat on the couch and fell asleep. 20 mins later and it was time for feeding number 5 of 7. Neither the kids nor I really wanted to get up for it. Good thing Baby Nurse is around to help rouse the kids and help with diaper changes, swaddling, etc. This "one week at a time" mentality I'm trying to adopt includes trying not to worry about how I will do this on my own. Our next feeding is secretly my favorite (the one at 9 pm) because I know Baby Nurse has the 1/2 am feeding covered and I can sleep (but I have decided to rouse myself to pump at 1:30 am - hopefully I can quickly get back to sleep thereafter). It's easy to have energy when you know you'll have a break!

Later today we are going to see the pediatrician. Of course they dictated the time and it doesn't fit perfectly with our feeding schedule so I may have to forgo a physical breastfeeding and just pump while both kids get breast milk bottles.


LauraC said...

That's very impressive you're already out for walks! And hey, there is a new 90210 for you to watch tonight!

Anonymous said...

You do make quite the sweet picture!

Liz Jimenez said...

Oh, hooray for walks! They're a sanity saver, for sure. Fresh air does wonders. Definitely enjoy it as long as the weather allows! And you'll move faster soon, don't worry. Ah, the trusty Snap & Go. My best friend and constant companion for a solid 8 months... :-)

Good luck at the doc's. You and the kids look great!

A. said...

I love the pics! Especially the close up ones you e-mailed me. Looks like you were using the swaddling blankets I gave you - do they work well? I think Babiesrus is selling them now, and I'm totally buying some for my next time around if you think they're worth it.

I'm so impressed with your frequent posts!! You put me to shame :-).

Nancy said...

GO YOU! Nice that you got out. :) And super cute pics of the whole family!

Too funny about 90210 - used to watch that faithfully. ;)

Rebecca said...

Soooo cute! Walks certainly saved our sanity in those first few months---enjoy the nice weather while it's here. :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Walks are definitely the best. I was out there shoving the stroller with Alex even in the February chill... (But you know I'm a nutjob like that!)

Can't wait to see tons more pics!