Friday, September 26, 2008

Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt's First Visit

Husband's parents and sister came for a visit for Wednesday and Thursday. The kids loved them. Grandpa and Ned had a long conversation and Grandma brushed up on her diaper changing skills. Debi (Grandma) also filled me in on Husband as a child - apparently he did not sleep until age 5 and he taught himself to read at 2 and a half years old. Thankfully my kids sleep and I'm happy that Penny has started to hold her head up (she has really strong neck muscles).

They were one month yesterday and I should have taken a "chair" photo but we took so many with the grandparents that I didn't bother. Plus Ned's hair was really greasy. :)

Many more photos to come from my camera but here are some from Aunt Rachel's camera.

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Liz Jimenez said...

They look so alert! Isn't it amazing how much they can change in one month?