Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hands Free

My friend Cameron gave me two great gifts at my baby shower. I love getting gifts from "moms who know" - I hope to be that sort of mom in the future. In fact, since my sister Stacey is pregnant with her first baby (13 weeks) I will be passing on all my wisdom now that I have opinions (doesn't everyone?). In case you were wondering - they confirmed that she is only having one baby. I'm looking forward to being an aunt again and if I can I would like to visit her in North Carolina after her baby is born (end of March) - but it might not be possible with my kids so young. I also don't think Husband could handle them both on his own. I certainly can't yet.

Back to my product endorsements: Cameron gave me the nursing stool I use religiously and a product I just tried this morning - a Moby wrap.

Since it was our first time trying the Moby wrap I did it with just one baby - Ned. He loves to be held as we discovered when Auntie Allie kept him in good spirits during her visit. He doesn't sleep as much as Penelope but rocking and holding put him to sleep.

I watched a You Tube Video (which had a good tip on putting the head under the wrap too) as well as printed instructions. It was pretty easy and Ned loves it. Next time I'll try both kids. I was able to make some breakfast (slowly) and do a little laundry and blog to you all!

I am a fan of attachment parent- I pretty much "feed on demand" (although my kids go 3-4 hours between feedings) and I want to be with them, but I can't do the "hold them" when I spend 1+ hours feeding them each time and I need some time to myself. I hope this Moby wrap helps.

On Friday we had our first play date. My friends Cynthia and Christina brought their daughters - Neve, 11 weeks, and Kiera, 3 weeks. Cynthia is such a pro now! As Husband pointed out - Ned has girlfriend options already. We talked some about going back to work but it still seems so far off - Cynthia still has 3 months and Christine and I have until the beginning of March. Check out the food spread I managed to pull together. Of course in that teapot was Mother's Milk Tea!

I couldn't have organized the play date without my awesome sister Allie. She came for 4 days and was amazingly helpful. Not only was she a pro with the babies (changing, swaddling, rocking) but she picked up my kitchen and brought me food and water. Everyone deserves to have such an awesome visitor. I think back to my visit when she had Finn and I wasn't nearly as helpful.

One more cute photo to end this post on. Tomorrow I'll hopefully have time to fill you all in on Penny's hearing test.


Liz Jimenez said...

Super cute, and what a fun playdate! I'm impressed by the spread.

Rebecca said...

Ooh, what cuties!!!

Nancy said...

Oh man - that last one IS super cute! And dang - what a great play date...once again, I'm impressed :)

Anonymous said...

Holy baby explosion!! I'm glad you had fun with the work ladies and their babies. I just saw Neve about a week and a half ago, and she seemed so little. Compared to Ned, Penny and Kiera, though, Neve looks so big! I'm also glad you had a nice visit with Allie. Great job on the spread, too!

Nicole said...

I am so impressed with your playdate and love the photos of the Big Firm mommies together. We miss you three here at work!! But I'm thrilled to see you all looking so happy and healthy with your beautiful babies. The last photo is too adorable.