Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life in the Slow Lane

I had a work dream the other night. It might be because the deal I worked on while 7 months pregnant just closed. Before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy I wondered whether I would be one of the many women who can't imagine leaving her kids behind and returning to the work force.

As much as a surprise to me as anyone who knows me I do have maternal instincts and I feel loving and maternal toward my kids. In fact Husband is surprised how "crunchy granola" I am about our kids - worried about making breastfeeding work, thinking about spacing out vaccines (I need to decide this one soon!), wanting to make our own baby food (well, for Husband to do it - he's the cook) when the time comes, etc. It is all about what is best for my kids - not easiest. And for the next six months I have nothing but time to worry about them.

But I miss work. And I'm going back. It's not just that I felt like I had control over my job - most of the time my job is pretty much uncontrollable and certainly not family friendly. I miss the pressure and the colleagues. I miss having my brain challenged. Yes, I could try to challenge myself while on leave but if you spend 2 hours breast feeding every 4 hours you'd watch a lot of SoapNet too.

Since I'm thinking about work this means I need to start thinking about nannies. If anyone has any suggestions about when is a good time to start looking, what process worked for you, how much you paid, etc. - I'm all "ears". I need to start spending some time back on Big Firm postings so I am going to try to balance the breastfeeding and baby updates with our efforts to find a nanny, get back in shape and things more related to "esquiring" than "mommy-ing".


Anonymous said...

I have no first-hand knowledge on this subject, but I would think your answer is "the sooner the better." Have you asked our favorite Hong Kong partner how she found her nannies?

LauraC said...

No idea on the nanny front. We have the boys in group care because both Jon and I work from home and we need a little space from the kids.

But, I wanted to go back to work too. By the time my maternity leave was over, I was ready to have myself back. I love my kids but I love them enough to know I am not the best person to be with them all day.

10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

If you're going with a nanny, the sooner, the better. You probably have three possible routes in terms of how to find one: 1) an agency; 2) classifieds; and/or 3) word of mouth. We used an agency. I never say this for anything else, but it was worth the money. They do the background checks and find candidates who meet your requirements. We interviewed three women, any of whom would have been great.

If you use the classifieds, you can save some money, but will have to do more work.

Word of mouth is pretty self-explanatory.

If you want to get more thoughts on this, including live in vs. live out, etc., feel free to e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

My cousin and his wife (in NJ) go through an au pair agency to get their nannies. They are young women from all over the world, usually around 19-20 years old. They get a 1 year work visa, so there's an upside and a downside. The upside is that if things aren't so swell, she goes home at the end of the term. But if you love her, when her time is up that's it. But I know they have been happy with the au pairs they have gotten through the agency... And they have 4 boys (4!!! BOYS!!!), so finding good care for their little brat pack can be difficult. I think another advantage is that au pairs generally cost less than domestic nannies. So if cost is a factor, this might be something you want to look into.