Monday, September 15, 2008

Officially Newborns

On Saturday Helen and Natalie came by for a visit. I think they fell a little in love with them. Later the kids hung out with Husband on the couch and Ned made some gang signs. Husband is making "MidWest" with his hands in case you couldn't tell.

After much haranguing I signed up for Skype. We spoke with my parents, sisters and Finn (nephew) who were in Maryland visiting together. It was so crystal clear - better than cell phones I think and I loved seeing people. I felt like this was the Jetson's future come to life! Finn didn't quite understand how it worked but I'm looking forward to our kids being able to talk to their cousins and grandparents via Skype. We have a camera over our TV and a hard-drive connected to our TV so I can switch to it when someone wants to talk to us (if they call me on my cell first since I'm probably watching crappy TV). We figured the couch was good so people could see both kids.

As of tomorrow the kids will no longer be preemies! Their due date was September 16th according to the first OB practice I used (when I had 2 very early ultrasounds). The practice I delivered with did their own and said September 13th but I have stuck by the original date.

Yesterday we put them in some adorable outfits - I had to share. There are lots of pictures so click on each one to enlarge. I don't think Penny is really a dress girl - she looks great in hot pink but not quite right in dresses.

Husband took an afternoon nap with Penny. Ned would not go back to sleep after he ate at 6 pm - he was up until 11 pm! Husband tried to keep him from being fussy while trying to read a book. Later Ned had his first real bath since his umbilical cord came out. Penny's may never fall out it is lodged in so well. She was happy to sleep while he was bathed.


Gretchen said...

Cuteness all around! Thanks for posting so many photos - it's so great to see them and their developing personalities over the past weeks!

Nancy said...

Adorable!! Love the bath pictures :) Is Ned sleeping while having all that water pouring over him?

And I have to agree that those are pretty darn cute outfits...but I have to disagree that Penny isn't a dress girl. SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

I just love them!!!

A. said...

Love the outfits!! By the way, Penny looks great in dresses (she better, because I'm going to buy them for her!!).

Yes, that's my goofball son using a rug pad as a veil/hat on the Skype picture. He LOVES being able to see himself on the computer screen, it's so entertaining.

T. said...

OMG, I love them!! They have little personalities now!! I think they look pretty snazzy in their little outfits too.

H said...

Of course we are in love!

and I second Al- dresses all around for Penny!

Anonymous said...

So Ned is wearing hoodies and throwing gang signs? Better watch out or he'll have "Crips" tattooed on his tiny bicep when you're not looking!

They are gorgeous babies. I think Ned looks more and more like Husband. I can't wait to see them for myself!

Anonymous said...

I love the Skype connection--please, PLEASE, remember the "greats"--what a wonderful way to keep in touch. . .love, Mimi