Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of the House Adventures

The last couple of days have passed so quickly! I haven't written because they are eating well and awake more and I didn't want to jinx things. They have been fussy at night some - but Baby Nurse has been dealing with that. I think it will be helpful once they are awake more during the day.

On Tuesday Uncle Andrew came by for a visit and Baby Nurse showed him how to feed a baby. He fed Penny and even burped her. It was cute to see how tentative he was about her (see the raised eyebrows in the first photo - it's like Ned's little raised ones when he looks all worried). I asked Husband why he was not nervous when he was feeding the kids for the first time in the hospital and he said it was because they were his kids and he wasn't that worried about screwing them up (as he would be with other people's kids).

Wednesday was our first breastfeeding support group meeting. The kids and I made it there only a little late - I guess I should have skipped the effort to put some makeup on. When I rolled the double snap n' go in to the conference room (luckily on the first floor), everyone smiled at us. We were the only twins. Then I took a slightly fussy Ned out of his seat and every exclaimed how cute and little he was - my kids were the youngest by at least a month. I felt a bit like a celebrity. I managed to feed him in the folding chair and then I woke Penny up and fed her the left on the floor. Everyone had left by then (people only stayed an hour) but I wasn't about to feed Ned and not feed Penny. I did have to top her off again at home since she was a little too sleepy to eat well and started fussing in the car ride home. Thank God for the double snap n' go - much easier to get them in and out of the car. I am a bit paranoid about locking the car doors after I put one kid in when I wheel to the other side to put the other in (also when I load them individually from the house). Hopefully soon I'll get the handle of carrying both car seats - I can only do it for a short distance right now. Since it was the first time I was out with the kids on my own I did have to think about how to put the seats in the snap n' go - but they really only fit one way. As I was making sure I was putting them in the correct direction I thought "if someone saw me now they'd know I'm a complete 'mom fraud'!"

People asked questions - a few had issues with too much milk which made me laugh since I always worry about having enough. Today we are meeting with Janice who led the meeting. I previewed for her that we are looking to figure out how to get them to feed efficiently, both on the breast and working on some latching issues (I still have problems with both kids on the left side). None of the other group participants was judgey about the fact I only BF one kid per feeding - they were impressed I'm BF at all!

Bumpa then came by for a visit and stayed more than an hour. He calmed a slightly fussy Penny (who fell asleep) and so then I had him feed Ned at the 6 pm feeding so he'd have a chance to spend time with both kids. If he had sat on the couch (instead of a hard chair) he would have fallen asleep holding Penny since he had a surgery the night before into the wee hours of the morning.
Some additional pictures: Husband joked around with Ned last night - Ned is pointing at his dad asking "who is this joker?" Actually, he was clasping his hands together which was really cute.


Liz Jimenez said...

Yay for the BF group! Sometimes I actually kind of liked the temporary celebrity status of being the only twin mom in the room, I must admit. And it kind of gives you a little perspective/pat-on-the-back that you're doing something above and beyond what a lot of others are.

I hope everything goes well with Janice! Can't wait to hear!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for you taking them out all by yourself!! The three of you do make quite the impressive sight -- not just because you have twins but also because the twins are so darn cute!!

Andrea said...

Nice job Mommy!

: )

Andrea mom of twins in MN

Gretchen said...

So cute, so cute, so cute. And wow, Uncle Andrew looks so much like Bumpa! The kiddies are growing so fast and I'm so proud of you being such an awesome Mommy!

Nancy said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of how you're kickin' ass and taking them out by yourself :)

And just as an FYI, the only people who would have even REMOTELY thought "mommy fraud" would be non-mommies because all mommies have BEEN there ;) (they would have just thought "new mommy" - that's all *grin* ) You should have seen me with my best friend (a non-mommy at the time) the first time we tried to take the kids out in the Duo the heck do these stupid car seats fit in here??

Jordan said...

Nice job getting the kid drunk Aaron! You should have used Bud Light though. Ned can't possibly appreciate a Microbrew yet.

Nancy said...

you've been tagged :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it to the BF group. Hopefully the meeting with the LC went well too. Although it sounds from your post like things are already getting better! No worries, no one will think you're a "mom fraud." :-)