Friday, September 26, 2008

Surviving the First Month and Growing

It is hard to believe we have survived the first month. Mommy Esq. is doing pretty well in her mommy role but it can be stressful not to have much time for yourself when you have limited time to shower and feed yourself when the kids are hungry so often - and sometimes unpredictably. My brain is also absolute mush - all I think about is what chores I can't do since I'm tied to the couch. I also watch tons of TV but for some reason TV news (CNN, network, etc.) does NOT give you any real info. I know that there is some economic bailout package being considered but I know none of the details. You think they could talk about that instead of whether it will pass and/or whether there will be a presidential candidate debate.

I hate to alienate any readers with my political and economic commentary but I do not like that we are bailing out people who should have realized they couldn't afford the homes/loans they bought. Yes, banks bear some blame for approving so many loans but Husband and I certainly didn't buy a house for what we were approved - we bought something we could afford the monthly payments on. I'm torn because it hurts everyone not to bail out big business but this is a slippery slope. Maybe if I can manage to read the Wall Street Journal once in a while I could learn more. Hmmm...I might sign up for a "trial" delivery so I can read it while breastfeeding to the kids. It has to be better than watching Oprah every day (that I now shamelessly record).

Apparently all the breastfeeding has paid off. Penny weighs 7 lbs 3 ounces (up 25 ounces in 24 days) and is 21.5 inches long with a 13 1/4 inch head. Ned weighs a whopping 6 lbs 15 ounces (up 29 ounces in 24 days) and is 21 inches with a 14 inch head. I always think his head is smaller but they are very different shapes so I don't think that is a particularly accurate indicator of anything. The pediatrician used a nitrate to try to get Penny's umbilical cord looser. Ned's fell out about 3 weeks ago. We are also going to talk to an ear nose and throat doctor about getting her frenulum clipped. While I can feed her it is really only with the nipple shield and I hear most moms do see a difference in feeding (with latching) if it is cut. Our doctor says her tongue-tie is "mild to moderate". It's supposed to be a simple procedure so I think we'll do it.

To answer a few reader comments/suggestions on breastfeeding and schedules: We do cluster feed in the evening to help stave off the crazies. I am reluctant for now to move up bedtime from 8:30/9 pm since Husband would not be able to participate as much and he expects me to do the middle of the night feeding myself when Baby Nurse leaves and I can't do all the feedings myself or I will go crazy. If they are consistent with their middle of the night wake up time (currently at 3 am) then I will move it back slowly after Baby Nurse leaves. Except today I always bring a breastfeeding pillow with me - I pretty much exclusively tandem feed except when one baby wants to cluster feed while the other is napping (that happened today - they clusterfed at separate 3 hour increments - let's just say I was TIED to the couch). I'm working on not leaning over while feeding but it is easier to control the kids when I do - probably the fault of the nipple shield which I need to start trying to get them off of. For now I am doing part of each feeding without it but I can still tell they don't open their mouths enough.

Tomorrow we are going to look for a couch. I decided I don't need anything in particular from the mom of twin sale so I'm going to skip. It seems like our 8 year old couch that we live on is on its last springs so to speak so it is time to start trying to find a new couch. I'd like a sectional but a smaller one. I hear Jordan's has apartment size furniture (our living room is small) so we'll go there. Cute kid photos to come later this weekend.


Nancy said...

WOO HOO! Go kiddos way to gain some weight! (And Go mommy :) )

Krissy said...

Glad to hear all of the nursing is going so well. You are a real trooper to stick with it!

About Penny's frenendulum...are you talking about the connective tissue under her tongue? The reason I ask, is Faith might need to have her frenendulum cut, but it is the connective tissue between her upper gum and lip. I had the hardest time nursing her at first, and I wonder if this had something to do with it.

From my research, frenendulum is not the propper name for those parts of the mouth. Apparently they aren't named. It is like saying "ligament" or "bone," instead of "ACL" or "tibia." Has made for some confussing calls to the doctors!

Natalie said...

another good place to look for smaller scale furniture is circle furniture. they have a whole line focused on smaller scale stuff for city living. it's pricey but good quality. there's a showroom right in cambridge if you want to check it out, they also have an outlet within walking distance of my house. in fact, i just bought a piece of furniture there myself for about half of what iw ould pay in the regular store.