Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lovies, blankies and other attachment objects

Growing up my sisters and I carried around blankets. There was a harrowing experience when my dad, left alone with us for a weekend while my mom was at her college reunion, accidentally washed Allie's blanket and turned its color. Maybe that's why I only recall that one time as when he did laundry. :) I definitely remember mine and Stacey's were yellow and I stuck the corner of it up my nose while I sucked on two fingers on my right hand (or was it left? Stacey and I were opposites).

I want my kids to have blankets or "lovies" as some people call them. I think we called them "blankies". My grandmother and mom made blankets for the kids but I think they are too big for my little tykes to carry around (once they start walking) and then I'd have to choose between the two of them. Instead Husband and I found small animal blankets thanks to advice from Baby Nurse. They are smaller than the kids and very soft. We ordered them online - and here is a link to the photo of all the different types and a link to a site where you can buy them.

We bought three for each kid. This way if one gets lots or dirty we can wash them and/or have backup. Plus we can keep one in their crib, one in the car seats and one on the floor where they play (or in their pack n' plays). The kids seem to recognize them since we put the blankies near them all the time. Some places sell "teething" blankets (with rubber edges) and we got two of those but I like these much better.

Penny got pink hippos (very cute little teeth on each side of the mouth) and Ned got monkeys. I tend to think of her with giraffe (she has some clothes with giraffes on them and other toy giraffes) but the hippo looked cuter.


Nancy said...

Oh CUTE!! (Okay - I really need to stop saying that...but it keep FITTING.)

Great idea about grabbing multiple ones while you can...and using them all so they all get that "used" feeling to them. Kids can totally tell if you've switched a new one out ;)

Rhonda said...

For the love of all things good, keep them all washed and use them all regularly. You really don't want to present them with one that is newish. We have a total of 10 (5 per child) of the Carter's blanket buddies. They chew on the corner's so we have to give them a clean set every day. Of course, you may find they bond with something else. We started with different ones and had to acquire multiples of their favorites on short notice.

LauraC said...

I agree with Rhonda! I keep 4 loveys and 4 puppies in rotation. They get washed every week with the sheets.

Love the precious pics!

Husband said...

Wow, I thought we were going nuts buying three of each. It seems like to get to the right number of things to buy for twins, I need to come up with what I think is reasonable, then double it, so it seems way too high. Then double or triple it again, because I was way too conservative in the first place.

Pretty much the same thing happened with diapers.

H said...

Most of you know how I feel about blankets- since at 32 I still have mine. "Kitty" has served me very well.

Like others said, you may find that they become attached to something that you wouldn't expect. I remember one of my friends bought Muttsies (the cute Gund dog) for her son and ended up buying at least 10 or 15 that he went through growing up. She also used cloth diapers, just ask blanket, that all the kids carried around.
What will be cute is to see what names they give them!

A. said...

Finn has no trouble carrying around the blanket that Mimi made for him - keep in mind your kids will grow :-). Someday these lovies may seem like hankerchiefs to them. But I definitely think you can direct their attachment to a specific lovie (these are adorable, by the way) - we swaddled Finn every night in one of "Mimi's blankets," and lo and behold, those are the blankets that he is attached to. We have 4, and I'm still worried they'll lose steam before he loses interest. He calls them "Lee-lee" (a derivative of blankie, I think).

ABS said...

I think your kids are getting used to having a large, adoring fan base...did you notice it looks like they're waving to the camera from their boppies?

Anonymous said...

My niece adores these little animal blankets...she has hippos and frogs and giraffes and monkeys, and sleeps with one every night. My mother has a few at her house and her other Nanee has some too. I think the little furballs must be procreating.

Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

My DS who is two has one. He calls it bebe. It is a giraffe and he has to have one to sleep. I have a second one that I pull out when the other is in the wash.