Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Penny and I have been enjoying lots of mommy-daughter time. On Thursday Ned had some serious gas/fussiness and when he fell asleep after the 3 pm feeding (on his beloved bottle) I left him in his pack n' play and Baby Nurse watched him while I strapped Penny into the Moby wrap and went off for a walk. My back actually hurt during the walk so I must not be putting it on quite right. She is close to 8 lbs so soon I can also try the Baby Bjorn. I can't wait until Husband can cart one of the kids around in it. I'm also considering getting a single stroller since I was trying to figure out logistics to transport 1 kid. Maybe a used one (should have thought of this before the twin sale!).

Today we had her ENT appointment and I went alone with Penelope. It was the first time I had to really fill out forms for her and I kept having to remind myself that the info they wanted was for her - not me. The doctor said she sees many babies with occupations such as accountant. I had to stop myself from writing "lawyer" as her occupation. Husband said I should have written "baby".

The doctor said that her tongue tie would definitely result in speech issues. It was my choice whether we clipped it now or waited until she was 2 years old. I decided to go for now even though she told me Penny would not get any sort of anesthesia. It was a hard choice since I didn't want to cause her pain but I thought it might be worse when she was older. I sort of wish they had given me the option in the hospital but protocol is that if she can eat off a bottle they don't clip them at most hospitals. I held Penny while 2 nurses kept her mouth open and the doctor cauterized the tongue tissue that needed to be cut. I was teary eyed by the time it was over - there was some blood drooling but Penny was fine. She didn't even want to nurse although I basically dripped some milk into her mouth (I was leaking like crazy with her small struggles during the procedure and my stress/tears). She even fell asleep on the way out to the car, breastfed fine at home, later had a bottle meal and a good nap. I can see her trying out her new tongue like it is a toy - sticking it out. I'll start trying to improve her breastfeeding tomorrow. I'm glad Baby Nurse watched Ned at home so I could concentrate on Penny and she was a champ!

The kids have these adorable terry cloth outfits they are just about to grow out of. I took photos to remember how much I loved them. All of Ned's clothes say he is "mom approved", have a "mom seal" or that he is "property of mom". It has helped me win arguments with Husband since I point out he's my property and therefore what I say goes!

Here are some photos of the two of them in their outfits. The last one is after our dinner when we made Ned do some tummy time (see his face)? Penny slept on in her chair. It is easy to rock with one foot so I was able to keep her calm while feeding Ned at their dinner time.

The weather is getting cooler and I still want to take the kids on walks. What should I be dressing them in? Right now I have a onsie with socks and an outfit on top (one of those one piece with feet). They wear hats and I put flannel blankets on them. They do stick their hands out above the blankets. Should I be putting them in those "bags" (the name escapes me but they are for keeping kids warm in car seats) or mittens? How cold is too cold to take them for walks so Mommy Esq. doesn't go stir crazy? Advice is much appreciated - I plan on making a Babies R' Us run this weekend.


Liz Jimenez said...

I really loved the two BundleMe's that I had last winter when my kids were in the infant carseats. They were fleecy and cozy, and it freed me from having to think about extra layers. If we were going for a walk on a cold day (not like it has been, but colder), I'd put them in a fleece jacket over a long-sleeved shirt (and pants and socks, of course), and a hat, and zip up the BundleMe. For just running an errand and getting in and out of the car, I'd skip the little jacket. Seemed to work well. Maybe if you thought it was particularly chilly you could stick an extra flannel blanket inside the BundleMe, but mostly I found it worked just fine. We took walks even when the temp was in the low 50s or high 40s, as I recall. Rebecca wasn't a big fan of the cold on her face, but sometimes you just had to get out.

A. said...

I liked to use sleepers that would fold over Finn's hands when we were out - it was impossible to keep mittens on him. do you have any of those? We had something like the Bundle Me but I never really used it - not sure why. I just stuck to a warm blanket or two and a hat. When it got very cold, we had an adorable fleece "snowsuit" that I used to put him in - I think you have similar outfits for Penny and Ned. They are less practical for the car on a long trip, where it is bound to get warm, but great for walks and short car trips.

Gretchen said...

Oh what a little trooper! I'm tongue-tied (but was bottle fed) and I definitely did have speech issues when I was little (couldn't pronounce 'r'). Good that you addressed it now before it became an issue and sounds like it's already a distant memory for little Penny.

Can't wait to see pictures of the little snow bunnies this winter!

Nancy said...

We used the things that go over the car seats as well (not BundleMe, but the Land's End version, I think). And we may even have them around here still if you want to borrow them. They're good for as long as the little guys are in the bucket-type seats.

Let me know and I'll look around. I KNOW we have the blue one (Logan used it), it's just finding the pinky/purpley one that will prove to be interesting ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a cover that goes over the top of the carseat with a little hole for the baby's face to peek out... I also have a Bundle-Me which I learned from a car seat tech is actually dangerous to use... oops. Nice to learn AFTER I was already using it. :-/ Anything that goes underneath the baby in the seat can affect how the harness fits them, (not snug enough/soft stuff compresses during a short stop or impact) which means they are not as safe and secure.

I took both my kiddos out in the stroller even in freezing weather. Our pediatrician said it was fine. As long as they were covered with hats and blankets and everything, they seemed to be snug as a bug and enjoyed the fresh air. Although VA winters are a little milder than MA ones... so you may want to just go with your gut on whether it's too cold to take them out.

Anonymous said...

No advice on keeping the kiddos warm from me! I do love how little ones look all bundled in those fuzzy bags, though!

Go Penny! What a trooper.

The pics are so cute! My hubby liked the fact that Ned was trying to eat his arm :-)

Nancy said...

Left you something on my blog...for all your spare time ;)