Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Big! Plus Week in Pictorial Review

Many people have commented how big the kids have gotten based on the photos I post. Sometimes I see it when someone else is feeding them but usually I don't think of them as much bigger as the day they were born.  I guess it is because we spend so much time together. 
Auntie Stacey who is 16 weeks pregnant (with one baby) is here for the long weekend.  That is good since Baby Nurse is staying with another family for one week. Then she's back for 5 days and gone for good.  Sniff.  

As of Tuesday after Stacey leaves I'm on my own until Friday afternoon.  I hope I don't go as mental as I did on Friday when I was home alone and Penny refused to eat.  She and I (well, really I) tried for over 2.5 hours - breast, bottle, whatever.  Nothing worked - she just wanted to sleep.  This prompted a hysterical phone call to Husband (at this point I had been feeding kids for 3 hours - but Ned luckily took his bottle and was not too fussy while I was working with Miss Penny).  He suggested I just let her sleep and I did.  She also didn't eat her late afternoon meal but was back on track by bedtime bottle and okay the next day.  I'd chalk it up to a growth spurt except the color of the items in her diaper were quite green.  We tried a little experiment and it may be from when I eat salad.  I guess salad is out for a few more weeks.  Husband gave me a break when he got home on Friday - I ran out to get us dinner and waited for the food reading US Weekly and drinking a glass of wine. 

Anyway, back to Auntie Stacey.  She has been spending the most time with our Princess and things both kids are precious and "so good".  Really?  I don't think Ned was all that "good" when he was up quite a bit on Saturday night.  Fortunately it being the weekend Husband let me take a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon.  That rocked.  
Husband's tired because we agreed we'd both feed the kids their bottles in the middle of the night until he starts his new job.  This helps me keep pumping for another week or two.  After that I'm going to try to do it myself and let him sleep.  We'll see how long that lasts!  It is interesting how he sleeps through their crying and I'm awake instantly.  We do not have a monitor on - their room is across from ours so we just leave the doors open.  Ned is Sir Squeaks-and-Grunts-a-lot so it is the only way I get any sleep.

The tykes are seven weeks on Monday.  When does this whole "sleeping until 5 am" start?  They nap really well in the morning so that is my chore time - laundry, kitchen, preparing bottles, etc.  Yet my house is still a disaster and there are days I can barely find something to eat.  I admit I'm secretly looking forward to going back to work so I can have a little non-kid structure to my life.  Of course for that to happen I need to find a nanny.  Writing up our Sitter City advertisement is on my list of things to do - along with a million other items that never seem to get done. 

My hat is off to those stay at home moms - I don't know how you do it all.  And I can say that for real now that I am a temporary stay at home mom myself. 
Here are more photos to enjoy as a pictorial update of our week. 
Play date with Julie and Georgiana (aka "Georgie") who is a couple of weeks younger than my kids.  All of the women I'm friends with had little girls so Ned has quite a few "girlfriends" already. Husband wants to know why we women like to line the kids up for photos. No idea but I do it instinctively. There are lots of photos of my sisters and me lined up too.

We parked at my office building for our play date so the kids got to see some of my work friends in the lobby. Here's one with Alyson - a frequent commentator on this blog.

Me with the kids. Penny sporting a simple yet stylish plain white onsie - she can pull it off with her skin tone. Tummy time - Ned has figured out sleeping is an option. Together time with Daddy.  If you are wondering why he is always in a white T-shirt it is because he takes off his business shirt as soon as he comes home and throws on jeans - "Daddy-wear". 

Time with Auntie Stacey. Do you think the kids can tell us apart?

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Nancy said...

I totally hear you on the props to stay at home moms. I loved my maternity leave with all of the kids, but I was SO ready to come back to work too.

You and your sister DO look a lot alike, but I bet you smell different to your kids :)