Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet Sleepers - Sometimes

So the big both photos I'm on the far right, Stacey is in the middle and Allie is on the left. I think Penny looks like me - when they were first born I think Ned looked a little like my infant photos.

Yesterday I was holding Ned for a while after dinner while he was napping before his bath, bottle and bedtime ritual. Babies smell so good and they are so sweet when they are sleeping on you. You can't help giving them little kisses. My mom found that out today while she was holding Penny as she slept. I love how they cuddle into your neck. I'm really going to miss that when they get older. I'm not sure where "sleeping like a baby" really came from. They both make noises and I find them in interesting positions (turned horizontal for example) in their cribs in the morning.

Penny is still a disaster when it comes to bedtime - despite the dim room, CD of special soft songs (mixed by DJ Husband) and formula bottle. Ned is much more alert during the day but little Penny loves to sleep during the day. Her strength (in my eyes) is that she eats well on the breast whereas Ned just loves when it is his turn on the bottle. He tortures me with hour plus breastfeeding sessions when it is his turn on the breast. He is eating like crazy though - seems to want more than 4 ounces in a bottle (formula or breastmilk). Crazy! I wonder if next doctor's visit he'll be heavier than her.

Tomorrow we are meeting with the ear, nose and throat doctor about Penny's "tongue tie". I'm inclined to get it snipped - I've been trying to get her on the bare breast (without our crutch - the nipple shield) to no avail. Ned will go on without but he is even less efficient (if that is possible) without it. I'm sure I should be using some fancy bottle system to get Ned on when he bottle feeds but after 5 weeks of using our Gerber bottles I think we'll just stick with what we have - they moved up to the next size nipple.

Thankfully the weather is finally going to stay nice for a stretch. The last few days have been gloomy with a break in the afternoon. We've darted out for walks but our double snap n' go is covered in mud at this point - and that is with staying on the sidewalks! Also, why are there so many bees out? I had one flying near Penny's face for 5 mins yesterday and I nearly had a heart attack as we tried to get away.

I also wanted to mention that our cat Scotia has not been adjusting well to the tykes. She is peeing on the throw rug in our bathroom every day - just a little to get her message across. I think we're going to move her litter box up to our bathroom for the foreseeable future. Scotia comes to visit when we are in the nursery at night and she sleeps with us in our bed - but she misses her time with us on the couch when we'd pet her and watch TV. Now there is usually 1 kid or more up on the couch with us. We try to giver her some couch time at night after the kids are in bed but I'm usually running around trying to get some chores done (including pumping) while Baby Nurse and Husband listen for the kids (well, really Miss Penny) and the last thing I want to do is watch TV after ODing on it during the day. I read (gasp!) a book, catch up on my internet favorite sites or blog.

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