Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend In Review

Friday was my first "class" at a maternity center.  The center offers classes for newborns and I opted to go with one they have for moms of multiples.  Eight moms each with two babies crammed into a small room.  It was during my tykes' "lunch" so I fed them each a bottle and tried to pump some after class was over.  Luckily both kids were agreeable most of the time and ate very well despite the distractions and the fact I had to do the one on each boppy feeding at the same time routine.  

I'm glad I decided to do the multiples class.  Everyone told their story - the time in the NICU, struggles with breastfeeding, lack of sleep, post partum depression.  Only one mom seems to be making the breastfeeding work on a near exclusive basis - her kids were born a week before mine at 38 weeks.  I like her - she's an identical twin herself (has fraternal twin boys).  My kids were the "youngest" but almost full term whereas most of the other babies were born gestationally sooner.  I can't tell you the number of women who are anguishing over breastfeeding - kids who latch but don't suck vigorously (check), struggles with latching and nipple shields (check), then feeding bottles (check), then pumping (check).  For all I have struggled with breastfeeding I will say that the bottles and the four hour feeding schedule has made my life pretty manageable.  I will continue to breastfeed when I can but seeing how much all the women beat themselves up about it I decided to stop feeling guilty and feel good about how much I enjoy my kids and to worry less about how much I pump and breastfeed them.  I also seem to get out quite a bit more than other moms - I'm glad I made myself do it so often so it doesn't feel insurmountable (just challenging).  All the company of family, friends and Baby Nurse meant I have had no baby blues, just frustrations about chores and feedings.  I was also the only one who mentioned my job/returning to work.  That isn't to say all the other moms are or will be stay-at-home moms just that I clearly think of myself as both a mom and also a lawyer. 

Friday night was dinner with Helen and Natalie at the Cheesecake Factory.  I brought desert home for Baby Nurse and Husband.  We went into some clothing stores but I'm not ready to buy things yet - especially if I can try to lose some more weight. 

Saturday I took the kids for a walk with Husband at Horn Pond in Woburn.  Very nice walk and less traffic/noise than the lake walk in Wakefield.  I'll be going back with them. 

Baby Nurse is back until Wednesday so Husband and I had a lovely dinner out on Saturday night.  We tried to drag it out - cocktails, appetizer, etc. but still somehow came how pretty early. 

Sunday my Uncle Bob (my dad's brother), Aunt Nancy and cousin Grace came over to see the kids and my parents came by too since they just got back from a trip to California.  Everyone was impressed how round Ned has gotten.  That's what 5-6 ounces a feeding will do for you! They also think both kids are more alert and active. Husband agrees and has been having fun on the rug with the kids.

Husband is off this week as he is starting a new job in Wakefield at the end of the month. He'll have a 10 minute commute which is great for him and for me!  I have lots of "me" activities planned for this week. 


Liz Jimenez said...

Glad to hear the class went well! They didn't have the multiples one when my kids were born...

And super cute pictures. Ned is really getting bigger, for sure! Very much losing the itty bitty newborn look. It all happens so fast, doesn't it?

Nancy said...

Great pictures! ...uhm....are those tiny little dumbbells?

Glad you're enjoying your class ... I'm sure it felt good to know that you're not "alone" in a lot of those things (and from the sounds of it, you're way ahead!! nice. :) )

Rebecca said...

We were at Horn Pond on Saturday too! It's a great place to get out and walk.

Your little ones are getting so big! What cuties you have. Glad that they (and you) enjoyed the class---what a great resource to have!

Stacey said...

They are so freaking adorable. Are you sure I can't have one until mine is born? I can't believe how big Grace has gotten too! She looks as tall as you now. How did that side of the family get the height genes?

Andrea said...

Hello - I click thru to your blog from "how do you do it" thru another blog to you. I enjoy reading because I see your thoughts about work, balancing who you are beyond a mom, etc. to reflect my own thoughts totally. I especially enjoy reading as my b/g twins are now 19 months and the teeny weenie part slips by so quickly!!!

andrea in mn

Almostima said...

Congrats to Husband for landing the new gig! (Let this be a lesson to asshat bosses who frown upon taking a paternity leave )

Krissy said...

I meant to thank you a while back for your kind comments on my blog after my husbands surgery...THANK YOU! :)

Sometimes I wish I lived in would be fun to meet you, Liz and Rebecca in person! But then I remember how much everything costs and I am thankful again for my Pittsburgh home!

Your babies are awfully cute, by the way. I know everyone says that, but I can tell you that I am being very truthful, not just blogger-buddy nice. They are VERY cute little ones.

Hope you have a great week with your kids!

Anonymous said...

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