Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Illness of the Season

On Friday I went for my flu shot - first time ever. I hear I can pass on the benefits through breastfeeding to my kids. Of course Thursday night Husband came how complaining he "caught something" on the plane during his Wednesday business trip. Based on the heat radiating from his body and the chills he had on Thursday night it is the flu. I made him stay home on Friday so as not to infect his co-workers. Ironically he watched the kids while I got my flu shot - which isn't effective for about 2 weeks. I suppose I shouldn't let him take care of the kids but I'd go crazy without some help - and of course he gets sick right before the weekend when he's around to help more. Men! I also figured that if I got sick I'd still have to take care of the kids so I'm not passing out an exemption.

Ned has been doing more with his hands - apparently a developmental achievement. He is grasping them in this photo and today he was sucking his thumb on two separate occasions (and we are very liberal with our pacifier use). It was cute to see his teeny-tiny thumb in his mouth - it barely fit over his lip.

Ned and Penny are getting to know each other a little better as brother and sister. A far cry from the other day when Husband made them wrestle on the playmat.

Here they are in one of my favorite outfits given by their Auntie Allie.

Our pediatrician gives me a sheet at each visit for development, feeding and guidance. According to the sheet I got this week by 3 to 4 months Ned and Penny should start to smile and hold objects briefly. They also will start to suck hands and drool - CHECK! - coo and laugh (just Ned coos a little) and pick up their heads - CHECK! Good guidance includes not leaving your kid on the changing table. Come on - we've all been tempted but I resist by placing them in pack-n-play or crib if I need to run and get something.


Liz Jimenez said...

Those are super-cute outfits!

Nancy said...

Ya. I've left 'em all on the changing table at one point or another to run to get diapers or something. *blush* Been lucky so far....