Friday, November 7, 2008

MoT Playdate

Yesterday we went on our first Moms of Twins playdate - hosted by Goddess. Rachel came with her two girls that are 15 or 16 weeks (but were 7 weeks early). Goddess's two kids are 15 months and they were napping for most of the time. We came between feedings and my kids slept most of them time after playing for a bit. With just 3 sets of twins can you imagine how crazy my maternity center class is with 8 sets!

Goddess serves as advice-giver for which I am grateful. I also scored some extra large swaddle blankets that originated from another mom of twins. Problem areas for my kids right now are sleep. I'm trying to get them to take their naps in their cribs but it is a battle and I usually give in and put them in the swings just to get a chance to shower and rest for a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

Fun! Goddess' little boy seems very interested in Penny in the first photo!

Side note: It is SO hard to be motivated when it's slow here.

Liz Jimenez said...

Well, you know what they say about free advice... :-)

It was so fun to have all of you over!

Anonymous said...

So adorable!

Speaking of naps...Neither of my boys would nap in the crib until they were 6+ months old. They napped in the pack n' play in our bedroom just fine though. And slept in the crib at night without a problem. Weird, right?) Babies have their own agenda- so if they need to nap in the swing for now, so be it.