Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nanny Diaries

I found a candidate on and she came over yesterday. She has 10 years of daycare/babysitting experience - both infant and toddler. She is very energetic and clearly loves kids. She is finishing her associates degree and will be going weekends to get her bachelor. Overall I felt comfortable with her - she fed Ned while I BFed Penny and she played with them and put them down for their naps while I went out and ran errands for an hour or so. The only slight drawback is that it is hard to get a word in edgewise! But she seemed to know what I'd be asking and her anecdotes/conversation addressed most of my questions. The key is she wants to do what Husband and I want. She also thinks I'm a calm mom! I have so many people fooled...

I was thinking to myself while I ran errands that I like knowing every detail about their day because I'm involved in it. How many dirty diapers, amount of spit up, smiles while playing, length of nap, etc. It will be hard to not be there and on most nights not even be home to put them to bed (but I'll do the morning shift). I think this candidate would be receptive to my calling every afternoon for a full download. No way Husband would remember even if she told him.

In case you were wondering nannies cost between $15-20 an hour. Her rate is $17 and we'd give her 2 weeks paid vacation and paid holidays. Fortunately Husband and I both have "back-up" daycare for such time and for any sick days she has. I may interview someone else just to be sure but I think I like her.


Nancy said...

WOO HOO! I'm glad you found someone you like. :)

I wouldn't worry about not being able to get a word's not like when baby nurse was won't have to carry on conversations during the day.

We have our nanny keep a running "log" throughout the day. I have scores of the smaller-type notebooks full of information about what time the twins poo'd (helpful for when you realize they may NOT have poo'd for a few can go back and look); when they ate and how much - and what it was when they get older (helpful for two reasons: you don't overload them on the same stuff when you get home and if there's an allergic reaction, you know what the kids have had) ...stuff like that.

I'm sure if you asked, she'd be happy to fill out a log and include any type of information you want. (went to the park...blah blah blah)

Unknown said...

Congrats! Finding a good nanny or sitter can be so stressful... I've also had great luck finding childcare on a similar site, Site is really easy to use, and they do free background checks. I got a discount on joining by using the code CLUBMOM. (FYI, I'd look at your potential nanny's extreme chattiness as a potential red flag... My sister had a nanny like this a few years ago, and at first it was mildly annoying, but over time it drove her absolutely nuts... Just a thought!)